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unbearable itch and other pains

My boyfriend and I are both each others first everything and we have done it a lot with and with out using a condom. Now we always do because of all the pain im in. Latly i have an unbearable itch just on the outside of my hole i dont know what to try or if i could have gotten a std from unprotected sex even if we were both virgins. But also latly when we have done it, it always hurts and feels like hes hitting something. My doctor says to try new postions and ever time i go in i have a yeast infection. We tried some of the postions that i used to love and it still felt like he was hitting something. Then this time the itch is the worst its ever been. And before going to the doctor again i wantd to get insight on what the problems may be for resent starting to itch around my hole and why postions i used to love now it feels like hes hitting something. Please help!!:/
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I would call your Dr. tomorrow, and go see him.  Tell your Dr you want to know what your BF is hitting, because you don't like how it feels. Your itching because of the yeast infection. Is your BF circumcised? If he is not, he needs to pull back his skin on his penis, and wash it with soap and water.  He can carry Bactria and keep giving it to you. or Are you using Condoms? You might be Allergic to the Condoms, change the brand. Is your BF Faithful. A few ideas for you, get to your Dr. ASAP.

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