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under the skin lump on bikini line

Well I just shaved with a razor a couple of days ago. Maybe a week. An i noticed everytime the hair starts to grow back i got ingrown hair bumps. Sometimes i bust them and sometimes i dont because i cant get the hair out. But i heard you shouldnt do that. I usually just clean it with alchol and it burst on its own. I also noticed at times i'll get a lump on my bikini line. Its under the skin. Its not discolored or anything or red. If i mess with it like squeeze it or something it may hurt. Its not getting bigger it actually gets small at times when ever i do have it. I put alchol on it as well. Sometimes it will come to a head and sometimes not. It'll just go away on its own. Could this be from shaving or something more serious? Is this common with most women?
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Hi B, Were to start, the bumps as you know are ingrowers, just bust them and you should with a needle be able to flick the hair out, the just pluck it out, och, yes been there and have done it, the reason your getting them is that you are shaving the wrong way, now all pubic hair grows downwards, so shave that way, and you find you should be OK, when you shave the other waythe tips of the hairs get court under you skin, bingo in growers. When you get them sorted and things are growing, need a shave? then downwards OK, try a little bit of baby oil when you finish, you may find it helps.
Good Luck
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Thanks for your response. Everytime i look on google it says something similar to wat i have and i'll look it up and look at the pics and doesnt be ANNNYYHING like what i have. I did notice google mention the first worst case scenario first. An then it just makes my mind go to all types of things.(hypocondraic) but yeah, i shave from all different directions so yeah your probably right about the direction. Thanks. :-)
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