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unusual heavy flow

Sorry in advance if i grose any one out!!!!!

i thought that i might  have been pregnant  because i have some of the simptoms i am constantly feeling sick, my boobs are sore, mood swings and most things i eat taste funny i hadnt yet missed a period and did one of those tests that you can do 5 days before your period is due (which i did on sunday) but it came up negetive.
this morning (Thursday) when i woke i had my period (a day early so i guess you can say it came on time).  heres the grose part!!!! when i woke it was everywhere i mean everywhere and it seems to be constantly flowing just like im weeing when i sit on the toilet it just floods out i feel so grose in the tummy and a litle light headed i spoke to my boss about it and she said that sometimes in early pregnancy you can bleed alot so i did another test and again it came up negative.
i have never had a heavy period so its unusual for me.
Could i still be pregnant?

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You are not pregnant. You are just having a very heavy period this month which is not uncommon to experience every once in a while.
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nope.. you couldnt possibly be pregnant with that heavy of a flow... the egg would be washed away.

I agree.. sounds like a very heavy period... I've gotton them more often than not over the last few years and have only had intercourse twice so I know they were not miscarriages or anything else. And I'm talking even with TWO overnight pads and the fact that my insomnia only keeps me in bed for 4 hours or so, I still blow through them and have blood all over my pants and sheets. gross I know, but a fact of life too

The symptoms were probablly hormonal or just caused from wondering/stressing that you were pregnant... we've all been there too!

Hope it gets better soon!
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You could have had what dr's call a false preg. It's when your egg thinks it's been fert but it hasn't. You get the signs of being preggers. Then the egg realizes that it isn't fert so it releases with a fury. A woman could have even had a false possitive test result.
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