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unusual period, could i be pregnant?

My period is a lot lighter than normal. I normally have about a 28 day cycle with and occasional 40 something day cycle. Last month I had a 40ish day cycle and had sore boobs, was hungry all the time and more fatigued than usual. Typically after a longer cycle my next cycle is really short. I started spotting a lot a week before day 28 it was anywhere from a light to dark brown and sometimes a bright red. Now I am bleeding so I thought maybe I was getting my period but it is a lot lighter then normal. I normal go through at the very least 7 or 8 tampons and this time I am just using pads but only need to change them maybe one or two times and more because of being paranoid that I am going to get it heavier and get blood all over. I am not on any form of birth control and would love to have a baby. What could this be from? Could I be pregnant?
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If you keep on seeing changes go to an obstetrician. Or your primary doctor. Although if you want to really know take a home pregnancy test. Either way go to a professional.
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I mean ginecologist.
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So, I have been reading up on this forum trying to "self diagnose" myself because I have a small blister like thing on my outer vaginal lip, I figured it must be an ingrown hair since I just shaved 2 days ago and its itchy and I have had one down there before. I wanted to maybe give some insight to anyone, a few years ago when I was 22, I was having sex, wasn't really in the mood and the next day I woke up in pain with a blister. Of course the first thing I thought was STD!!!! So I rushed to the hospital (since it was faster than making an actual doc appt.) The have gyns available there so they called one in and she said friction can cause blisters. She also said swollen sweat glands, bacteria in an ingrown hair can make blisters swell. If it is just a blister, things like a warm compress or a warm bath will help with the pain, and also, if you can bare it, I like to wrap ice in a wash cloth and rotate hot and cold. Good luck to all and I hope everyone found out what the problem was.  
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