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upper lip dry skin

I have for the past couple of months been struggling with a particularly annoying patch of dry skin above my upper lip, center between my upper lip and nose. The skin looks like dry skin pockets, no matter how much I moisturize. Now I also do exfoliate, and afterwards the skin looks brighter red and raw, and the next morning, I get those dry skin bubbles as I call it. To add insult I have dark thick facial hair, that apparently wants to come up RIGHT UNDER that dry skin patch. It doesn't get like a normal ingrown hair though, i can see the thick hair just hanging out under my layers of skin. i am at a loss what to do. I cant remove the hair because then its like digging in my skin to get it out, it scabs over and a few days later the hair wants to come out again. My wedding is later this year and i want to be able to not worry about this, because that patch is either bright red looking after exfoliating, which lasts for a day or two or the patch is clearly dry bubbled up skin. I just cant seem to win. I should also point out that at 26 I am prone to Impetigo, i typically get it 2-4 times a year, so i would like to come up with a solution so that doesn't make it worse. any suggestions? I'm desperate.
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Oh, I'm sorry.  I know how annoying these things can be.  Especially with your wedding on its way.  Can you visit a dermatologist?  I'd try to make that happen to get professional guidance for this pre wedding!  good luck and let me know if that is a possibility
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