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urgent,need advice

im one month pregnant and i have uti,, is it ok to take medicine like amoxicillin? i am taking vit b complex also, is it ok also?? please advise thanks please,,, its my first time now!
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You need to be taking folic acid and that's all. Anything else you need to see a doctor and have them prescribe something for you because it's not always safe to take other medicines during pregnancy (especially in the first few months). I work in a pharmacy and as far as I'm aware amoxicillin is not used as treatment for a UTI and neither is it safe to use during pregnancy. You need to see a doctor ASAP. UTI infections can become dangerous for you and the baby if left untreated during pregnancy.
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B vitamins are water-soluble; they won't hurt you because any extra simply flushes out of your system, unlike a fat-soluble vitamin.  You definitely need the folic acid.  But as the prior poster says, don't take anything that is a prescription medication unless your ob-gyn has told you to take it.
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