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uterine bleeding at 65 years age

I use oestrogen 25 mcg, and progesterone every second month. Now I have had progesterone for 14 days, and have had slight bleeding for three days. I have had no bleeding for over 25 years.

I have recently increased daily dose of vitamin D to 75 mcgs. In last summer I had a polyp in my uterus. The polyp and the endometrium were taken off.

Is the bleeding due to good effects of vitamin D, or is it due to poorly healed endometrium. What else? I have just had respiraotory infections, dyspnea, norovirus etc., and still have atrial fibrillation. I use warfarin (Marevan).
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Sorry, I meant for 15 years, no bleedings.
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Sorry, but this is probably one for your doctor.  You might just be having the standard result of progesterone stopping, which is that it causes a bleed.  (If someone is on hormone replacement therapy at a level of estrogen high enough to cause an endometrium to build up every month, such as for example 2 to 4 mg a day, they are then given 12 days of progesterone a month to purposely cause a period to come two or three days after the progesterone stops.)  But that doesn't explain why this doesn't happen every time.  So I would contact your doc and see what he or she thinks about why you bled now.
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I saw a gynecologist today. My mucous membrane was 16 mm now when the progesterone period had ended. I have to go to a hospital's gynecolog within a week. I have also mild colpitis.

I saw also an internal medicine specialist. There was shortage of time. I could not discuss enough about my respiratory problem. Thus I don't know what causes my dyspnea.
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I am using Flagyl comp., two days left. Then I'll use another progesterone period for 14 days. In April we'll see whether the endometrium has become thinner.
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