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vagina help

I had sex the other day with my boyfriend of 10 months, with a condom (which we rarely use) only used because Im on antibiotics. Anyway, my vagina started to really hurt, anyway later that night, it was still hurting and then started to bleed. I have no idea why.
The next day, it still really hurt, when i wiped after i peed. It developed a yellow/green pus looking thing on my undies.
The following day it is really itchy, still hurting and the pus is there. What is it? Help
Btw im 17, sexually active for 2 yeaars
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Sounds like your allergic to that brand of condoms. Call you ob and get in quick.
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It sounds like you may have a bacterial infection.
Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor and get checked out.  If it is coming from the urethra and not the vaginal opening, it may be a urinary infection.

Your symptoms have nothing to do with an allergic reaction to condoms.  

Your doctor will examine you and probably take a swab from the area to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.  He may have an idea what the problem is and will prescribe the appropriate medication for you.  Your boyfriend may need to be treated at the same time, so do tell the doctor about your sexual activities.
Do not have any sex until you are well healed.

In the meantime do not use any soaps, bath or shower gels to wash down below.  This will aggravate and make it itch even more.  Use plain water, a soap that has the same pH level as our skin, baby washes may be fine.
Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  If you have a urinary infection, you do need plenty of drinks to help flush out the bugs.

Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor and also take a urine mid flow specimen.  The surgery may have sterile urine specimen jars that you could do a specimen at the surgery so the doctor can examine it.  A morning mid flow urine sample is best, but if you have an infection, it will show when you do a sample at other times.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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