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vaginal burninf after sex

my boyfriend and i had sex a day ago and he is rather large, i went to the bathroom this morning and when i peed it burnt like fire, when i wiped there was a tinge of pink blood on the toilet paper, i checked and it is coming from my vagina not my urethra, what could this mean?????
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Hi ladyann,
I would make sure to keep an eye on if the pain gets worse. and during the next few days I would take a break from sex maybe you just need to heal up so to speak.
If you are experiencing pain during sex I would listen to your body. You Know your body better than anyone Sex is suppose to be pleasurable not painful.
and if any of your symptoms persist make an appt to see Dr.
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Hi ladyann will you have got yourself a big bot then, just remember lubrication next time, but for now some seasalt warm baths or douches will do the world of good and help you heal quicker, but no more sex for a coupkle of weeks till you and your body thinks its time to get back in the game, but dont let your b/f egg you on that it will be ok, for the 2 weeks, just tell him the word is NO.
Good Luck
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stoneydogExternal User
Honestly right now is the time to allow your body to heal.  I wouldn't go puting ANYTHING up there that isn't there naturally - and that includes douches.  

Next time, go slowly maybe ask for a little more foreplay and add generous lube.  Remember the vagina is built to acomodate a baby :).
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