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vaginal discomfort

I need some instant relief because I'm eating with my boyfriend and I don't want to be uncomfortable my crotch has been itchy for 5 days after we had sex and he fingered me I just was wondering what I could use without having to go to the doctor to get rid of the burning and itching in my vagina
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As a home remedy you can apply natural yogurt to your washed and gently dried private area.  Don't use normal soap, this will make things worse.  You can use baby washes, non perfumed soaps, or a soap with the same pH level as our skin.

The set yogurt is better with it being thicker than the thin runny one.  Only use natural yogurt with no fruit or flavourings in it.

If there is a pharmacy nearby, you can ask the pharmacist to help you purchase a  cream or the combination pack that contains the cream and a pessary to insert into the vagina.  

It sounds very much like you have a fungal infection.

Ideally, seeing your doctor would be the better option.  Book an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can if the medications from pharmacy do not help.  Your boyfriend may have a fungal infection, and will need to be treated as well.  If he uses condoms, get him to use the latex free ones as you may also have an allergy to the latex.

Only wear cotton pants, not the manmade fabric ones.  Manmade fabric pants will make you sweat and encourage the fungal problem.

Enjoy your meal.
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Use vinegar "with the mother" (unfiltered). Try half vinegar, half water. Dab paper towel into mixture and onto the affected area. You could even get in the bath tub with a cup of vinegar with the mother. Try this method a couple times a day for a couple of days. Also, you can get relief by applying yogurt to the affected area; do not use the flavored kind and no sugar. You have the option to actually insert the vinegar with the mother (diluted) and the plain yogurt. Might be best to. When I had a yeast infection, this is how I cured it. Never with otc cleansers, just the natural way. Cutting back on sugar in your diet will help to keep the bacteria at bay. rinse clean. do not use soap. wear comfortable underwear like cotton. The vinegar kept me from burning and itching instantaneously....hope this helps.
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