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vaginal itching & my symptoms putting it all together

I have been reading some of the previous posts regarding vaginal itching.  I have come across some of the same symptoms I have been experiencing.  It also seems as though a lot of women are suffering from this but have no answers.  Like many I thought it was yeast and treated it last week as such but that didn't help.  I saw my doc two days ago and she mentioned Lichens but said my labia don't look like that.  However, I am not confident she has a lot of experience with Lichens and may not recognize it.  I have to say I have been looking at my vagina for 41 years and thought it looked normal but now I'm not so sure? If I stretch it out it seems to have a lacy appearance in certain areas but I am not sure! I wish I could view a "normal" labia. And I think it has had this appearance for many years but I never had any symptoms.

I am wondering if any one out there has similar symptoms with any definitive diagnosis? I have had an itchy scalp I think since my second child was born so for about 7-8 years.  I notice it most when my scalp is wet when washing my hair and it mostly the back of my head.  I remember one bout of having a very itchy scalp while sleeping.  I thought the scalp was a hormonal issue and didn't give it much thought. For many years now I have had the occasional blister form in my mouth.  Always on my inner cheeks but I never really thought much of it as it really wasn't bothersome.  It would pop easily and heal up quickly. I used to teach a lot of spinning classes over 10 years ago so lots of sitting on a hard saddle and I noticed that the end or the tip of my left labia minora seemed a bit roughened and if I took a break from spinning it would seem to resolve.
My symptoms currently are an itchy left only labia minora for about the last 2-3 weeks.  I have never had this before.  Two days ago I had a blister form under my tongue.  not directly under the surface of my tongue but in the valley area below.  Finally, I have noticed over the last may 1 1/2-2 years I get very watery discharge randomly throughout my cycle. so its not something I can track with my cycle.  I can bend over and gush! I thought it was related to my hormones shifting perimenopausally.  
I am questioning whether I have one of the Lichen syndromes and whether it is possible to have it for many years but not really have bothersome symptoms?  I think if my vaginal itching had not occurred I would have carried on as usual with the other symptoms.  ugh! but I am not impressed with  my vagina now.  I have read that scratching it causes a vicious cycle so I am avoiding that.  I mean its not as bad as some others have expressed and I am not having sleep disturbances from it.  I used the cortisone cream twice yesterday but that makes be very nervous and do not want to use it much more.  I think my approach is going to be to deal with my stress...
any thoughts from anyone would be so appreciated!!
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For your symptoms, lichen planus should be ruled out. Lichen planus is an inflammatory disease that affects the skin, vagina and the oral mucosa, and presents itself in the form of papules(flat spots) or rashes . Lacy streaks is a characteristic of this disease. Treatment is available only on prescription and consists mainly of steroids, retinoids, hydroquinone and phototherapy.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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