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vaginal itching several days after sex

About 5 days ago I had sex with my boyfriend. The past few times before that had hurt a little at first but once I had become "properly" wet it didn't hurt anymore. Anyway, after this most recent time, the next day my vagina started to itch a little bit. I'd experienced this before but much more mildly and by the next day it was gone. I know that when the vagina is healing after being torn after rough sex it can tend to itch a little bit, however it is still going on and the area around my vagina is very red. Also it may be worth noting that the same day that the itching started, my period started as well. I've been using tampons (I cannot stand pads) and I thought maybe that was why it wasn't progressing, maybe that the tampon was irritating it further.

However I have had the tampon out for the entire day today and most of the day yesterday. The itchiness has still been keeping me up at night. I've been very careful not to scratch at it or to irritate it further but it doesn't seem to be healing. I've been treating it with witch hazel and today I started using a feminine anti-itch cream but it doesn't completely eliminate the itch and wears off after a few hours.

I do not think it is a yeast infection as there is NO abnormal discharge or odor whatsoever. The only symptom at all is very red and very itchy...and that it's not going away.  There are what seem to be tiny tears, the best way I describe them is similar to the tastebuds on a cat's tongue. I want to believe that its just healing and taking a long time, but I don't understand why there is seemingly no improvement at all.

-Irritation started after multiple sessions of semi-rough sex(not wet enough)
-period started same time as itching, probably coincidental
-no symptoms such as unusual odor or discharge
-very red and very itchy
-small tears within irritated area
-no apparent improvement within a few days
-really hoping its not an infection and just taking a long time to heal!!

would really like some hope before going to a gyno.....not much money in my pocket :(
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its i think infection...of the skin...period blood is making it worse(probaby)..so keep that area clean ..apply a light skin healing cream.....or if possibl take antibiotic for 3 days
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