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vomiting during my period

last month just before my period i felt extremely nauseous (almost vomited) and again this month but this time i actually vomited. i felt better afterwards. my periods have become a lot heavier and only last 2-3 days. i come off the pill back in march and tried the implanon for 6 weeks and had it removed because it was very uncomfortable. i have since decided to try for a baby with my husband. i am really worried though because my periods have never been like this and i have never vomited at all. about three weeks ago my breasts were very sore to the touch and my husband mentioned that my breast had gotten bigger. should i be worried about the changes in my period. i have been to see my gp and he has sent off a swab as he noticed a discharge when he did an internal examination but he didn't say anything after this and i am still wondering what is wring with me. please help!!!
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I have experience that same thing before ... with my period. I am on birth control as well. I have noticed that it cycles for me .. some months are worse then others. One month fine other month really bad. i woke up one morning the day i was getting my period, I began to get really hot .. sweaty and i felt like vomitting.went to the washroom 5 min later and there it was!  It has not happened in almost a year now which is good! I do experiece in cycles bad PMs symptoms really bad cramps, sore lower back, headahces, tender inflated sore breasts. Very uncomfortable! If your breasts are very sore tender and appear bigger just before u get your period it is very normal! it may just be hormones before and during a period., It can also be that you were on the pill and went off of it and your hormone levels have changed. hope this helps.. just wanted to let you know i have experienced the nausea just before the period started as well.
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