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vulval cuts

This is the first time I've posted on one of these sites and it is due to the problem taking over my MIND!
It all started in November 2004 with an ex boyfriend. After sex i kept getting small cuts/fissures which bled very slightly, only after sex. I thought it was thrush because i was itchy as well. I also attributed to the fact that he was very well endowed. In certain positions I had some pain with thrusting but mostly i had a slightly painful feeling on penetration. The relationship didn't last very long. I never had any of these problems with the boyfriend before him.
I haven't had a boyfriend since and about midway through last year bought  a vibrator. On and off the same thing is occuring. Small fissures that bleed. I have some slight (usually very slight) itching before my period and during and have been tested for all stds. I had a swab done for herpes from one of the cuts at the family planning clinic which came back negative and on returning to see the doctor there for a further discussion was told that my problem was very common and that why am i using a vibrator and why don't i  use my fingers! Not a response i thought was appropriate.
I now am seeing another doctor who i've been to several times and she has told me to come back when the itching is there so we can test for herpes again and she said it was hard to catch, but that herpes doesn't usually bleed.
The cuts always seem to be on the left side and don't always happen. I can't help feeling that if i were to have sex though they would flare up with the friction. Help!!! I'm going crazy with worry!
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Although your symptoms are not typical for herpes, that remains the most common cause of otherwise unexplained genital sores or "cuts".  A negative swab test doesn't mean much, especially if done on a lesion more than 2 days old.  Ask your health care provider do a blood test for HSV-2.

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A while ago, I began noticing these "papercut" like abrasions, around my vulva and anus.  They were very painful, especially during and after sex, and when I would pee.  I assumed that they were somehow caused by vigerious sex, the occasional use of saliva for lubrication (sanitary issues), or the large size of my boyfriends penis.  However, the fissions would appear even if I hadn't had sex for a week!  And as previously thought, I could not find any visable pattern comparing the occurances to my menstral cycle!  Now, you may think this is insane, but one night when I was plagued with a couple of these nasty tears, I tried an unthinkable expariment.I bravely cleaned the area with an alcohol wipe - the ENTIRE area, paying special attention to the abbrasions.  I cannot tell you how much this expariment hurt... the pain was almost unbearable! I went to bed soon after, and when I woke up the fissions were gone! Unfortionatly, they did come back about a week later, so I cleaned them with the alcohol wipes again and again, and the fissions began to appear less frequently. I have been fission free for at least a month!

Now, I know that a lot of doctors don't know what causes these painful cuts, and I know that I am no doctor myself, but if any of you women are trying to make sense of these nasty little cuts, then think about this :  The skin in and around the vagina is very sensitive, and very delicate, therefore it is fair to assume that almost anything is capable of irritating it - from sex, to a change in pH, to a new type of fabric softener that you wash your panties with... etc.  So, assuming that an "X" factor begins an irritation, all it would take is a few bacteri to penetrate the irritated skin and cause a fission to occur.  Now, if you have ever had a cut on your hand, that just would not heal, we know it was because of an infection inside of the cut, even if there is no puss.  In order to kill the infection, you disinfect it with a disinfectant... say an alcohol wipe!  So, that was my theory with the vaginal fissions - they are simply a form of an epidermal infection.

Just to note: disinfecting the fissions with the alcohol wipe is very painful... but in my opinion, it wasnt as bad as the pain from the fissions themselves.  This method worked for my body, and if you are brave enough to try it, I hope it works for you too.  I havn't had any sort of noticable reactions to the harshness of the alcohol, although seriously, ask your dr. if you are concerned!  Good Luck!!!
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Thanks for the advice. I think I'll go back to my doctor and ask for a herpes type specific test.
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Hi everyone,
I've been looking into this issue and it seems that it may be due to yeast infections. Often these infections are mild and do not have very noticeable symptoms, so do not be too quick to decide you don't have one.
At this website http://www.pdrhealth.com/content/women_health/chapters/fgwh04.shtml

I found the following information:
"Classic symptoms of yeast infections include vulvar itching, redness, and irritation. If your urinary opening is inflamed, you may have to urinate somewhat more frequently than usual, and urination may be uncomfortable. If your infection is severe, your vulva may swell and fine breaks, called fissures, may appear. Your vaginal discharge will become thicker, whiter, and curd-like (similar to cottage cheese in texture and appearance). Inflammation of the vulva and vagina, combined with the dryness of your discharge, makes intercourse painful."

I've found the sweet almond oil is a wonderful method of increasing elasticity and making tearing less likely. There is also a natural antibacterial oil called Ozonol. If inserted into the vagina it can cure yeast infections.

I hope at least some of this helps.
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Well. I am a virgin, and I get the same kind of cuts. I haven't done anything sexual in my life, the occasional kiss on the lips, hugging. Cuddling. But that's it. Honestly. Not even oral. BUt every now and then, I get this paper thin long cuts on my inner lips that sting and burn to no hell. And they some they even itch. I don't know what to do, I don't wanna get tested for AiDS, or any STD's. Because I haven't done anything. And I'm starting to get ingrown hairs all over the top of my mound. It scares me to death and I'm so self conscious because...well it's not pretty. At all. I don't know what to do. I'm not in ballet this year..So I'm not stretching. But all this vaginal problems keep occuring and I'm not brave enough to show my mom..

Or go to the doctors because I don't even let my own mom see my...area. And yeah. Please, please help. I don't know what to do because. This is new to me. And ..ugh.  
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i also have these horrible ( paper cut ) cuts on the inner lips of my vagina, they are killing me, they are so painful. It burns when i pass urine and is really itchy and sore, i have had these cuts for about 4 days now. About one month ago i went to the GUM clinic as i was really itchy inside my vagina and getting a really nasty white discharge, i got checked for all STI,S including herpes which i got the results back as ( all clear ) which took alot of my mind, i just thought i had thrush. I didnt think i had an STI as ive only ever had one sexual boyfriend and we have been together over 3 years now. My boyfriend has also been the GUM clinic and got the all clear just to make sure. Here i am a month later with these horrible painful cuts ! i was thinking about getting checked again but my doctor says there isnt much point if i only got checked a month ago and got the all clear, but i cant go on like this the last few days i have been in tears with the pain! its that bad! do u have any ideas what this could be??
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enter this and read posts from women who have suffered from this for years, decades,......that is why i joined this site.  It sux.....I go to the doctor this week(a different doctor) and will let you guys know if i find anything out.  I think it is related to yeast from what I have learned which can be a miserable reoccuring problem. i'm going to quit my birth control and see what happens. I took a break from BC for about 6 months or so and this did not happen until I was put back on the pill(a different kind) ortho-tricyclen lo. I think it is related to stress, estrogen levels, yeast, etc. Many doctors are stumped by this. I have recently done a blood test to rule out the possibility of Herpes type 2 even though I don't display classic symptoms. I have been stressing but hoping for the best. i will let you kow if i find anything out.
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Two things:

1.  Have yourself checked for diabetes, which can cause yeast infections to flourish (yeast seems to be related to the papercut symptom, even if the infection isn't obvious).

2.  Read this other thread on this site, which is all about how it is NOT herpes:

3.  Treatment that works for me:  Monistat to kill it; A&D ointment to stop it from starting.  A&D ointment is found in the diaper aisle and doesn't smell like fishy Desitin.  Plain old vaseline (petroleum jelly) also works as a preventative.
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could it be vaginal ecthyma ?  after investigations for thrush and herpes were ruled out that's what my local GUM clinic diagnosed.  they have given me 2 types of cream which help sooth and prevent the cuts.

i found the GUM (genital and urinary medicine) clinic much more helpful than the GP surgery.  Free and confidential to anyone in UK.
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Its a vitamin deficiency. Take a  multi and they will go away.
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There is a rather serious autoimmune disease called Behcet's Syndrome. This disease's initial symptoms closely resemble the herpes virus, causing itching, inflammation, vaginal sores, fissures, cuts, boils, or folliculitis (ingrown hairs). Other symptoms develop years later, so it is very important that you find out just what it is that is causing your symptoms. Don't be too quick to brush it off as nothing, Behcet's disease affects people of every age and every race. Also, be careful choosing a doctor, you want to see someone who know's enough to tell you what Behcet's Syndrome is all about, if they don't know that, they don't know enough to help you. It is not contagious, it just happens to people. Visit the American Behcet's Disease Association website message board for more information. Also, sex without a condom will trigger a flare of this disease, Behcet's patients have a reaction to human to human genital contact of any kind. This means they'll need to use condoms even with their spouse inorder to control symptoms.
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yesterday I was waxing as I usually do, and something happened.  I really don't know how it happened but I cut myself between the vulva area and the lips and it is a vary deep cut and it is deep.  I don't know what to do,  I feel no pain, but I am afraid of an infection, or how I should be treating it. can you please help me?
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