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vulvar pains after taking Amoclan? (Antibiotic)

I have realized after taking courses of Amoclan the antibiotic due to wisdom tooth removal, i have had vulvar pains and discomforts sometimes even painful lump on the labia majora appear and disappear in 2 days..
Its not near vaginal opening but near the clit from top.
Help me please? Has anyone experienced vulvar discomfort??? It feels like little bit of burning and a little pain when i sit down..
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Hello, welcome.  I have read that vulvodynia or that type of pain can happen when a woman is very sensitive to yeast infections and yeast infections are really common after antibiotics.  You may have a yeast infection brewing.  I'm not sure if that is what is going on with you but it is a possibility.
I pray this is only yeast infection. Iam thinking possibly mild Herpes breakout.
Ps. I have EBV
Do you have herpes or have you had unprotected sex with someone who has herpes recently?
Not trying to get personal, lol  I was just trying to figure out why you are worried it is that.  
I did not get checked for herpes. But i had unprotected sex with someone i trust! And he is super healthy and all that
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I am currently going through something similar-
It was confirmed to be a yeast infection.  I was also on antibiotics... I was worried because I didn't have any typical itching , just more of the vulva was irritated... seemed a little swollen ,& with self examination I noticed what looked like some sort of lump/bump/blister.. I didn't know what! But yes - turns out it is a yeast infection. Which can cause a rash- which can lead to bumps and whatnot.
As we speak the left side of my labia is swollen!! There's a rash on the inside of the labia minor - with a bigger lump around the same area you described.
We also have glands in this region, which can get swollen. They can also get infected and turn into a cyst .
I'd suggest going to your doctor .alsways best to be on the safe side
You are sent from heaven.
These are some good news to hear.. However it happens often which sucks!! What could possibly be the cure? What did the doctor say for that
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