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want to concieve

i m married. my daughter is 5 yrs old who was concieved normally after marriage. we r ttc since 1 & half yrs. my n husbands tests r normal , but i m diagnosed with hypothyroid recently. tsh came 18 then i was on 50 mg thyroxine , tsh last mnth was 5.5 & dis mnth it is 6.6 , i m on 75 mg thyroxine now. what r my chances of getting pregnant? what shall i do ? i m worried a lot.
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Hi there.  Welcome to the forum.  I also had hypothyroidism.  I had very irregular periods and long cycles.  For me, my issue self corrected, believe it or not.  I never took medication.  But my cycles went back from three months (torture as I had pms forever) to the regular month.  

There is a strong link between mild depression and hypothyroidism.  I just mention that because sometimes treating the depression will help the thyroid (and vise versa)--  so could you have any depression??  

I did go on to have two sons.  Once your hormones even back out as you get your thyroid back to normal function, you should ovulate normally.  I did.  good luck
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thanks for ur comment, it is relaxing to know.
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