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what are the bad side effects of climara pro

I have very bad circulation.  So bad, that I cannot even take a blood test, VERY tiny vains.  So bad, they had to go into my neck to put me asleep for that surgery.  All quite painful.  I am working on it with fluids, tc..    My plight is that at 55 I had my ovaries removed 18 months ago due to bad cysts.  I hadn't realized the HELL it would thrust me into.  I am still having night sweats BADLY.  My dr put me on Climara Pro.  I am concerned about the stroke and dementia risks that it lists.  I have been on it for a week and its helping me, although I am very bloated which does not work well for a recovering eating disorder/alcoholic, (just saying).  Is it too dangerous for me because of my blood flow.  Will the bloating subside?  I have stopped eating mostly again, but I am more worried about the blood?  
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If you have been reading up on the side effects of hormone therapy, you will have found out what there is to know about hormones (and much of it is conflicting, and it seems to depend on when you begin taking them in relation to menopoause). Anyway, Climara Pro is probably no different than any other hormone brand. Did your doctor suggest taking a baby aspirin a day? Also, drink water. If you are drinking hardly any water (and that sounds funny, but some women don't), it will affect you in lots of negative ways.
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Common side effects of Climara Pro include:

    patch application site reactions (skin redness, irritation, or skin rash),
    abdominal pain,
    breast tenderness or swelling,
    weight changes,
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