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what could this be?

before xmas i started getting really emotional, crying at everything and getting moody. then i started feeling nauseous, which i have been now for about a month. im bloated, my breasts are sore and swollen. ive been gassy with heartburn. ive even experienced the light headedness off and on. im on birth control pills so i only get a period every 3 months. i went into the doctors 2 wks ago and took a test, the test was negative, the nurse told me to come back two weeks later if the symptoms persisted. that maybe the hormone wasnt high enough yet, that and i had peed like 10 times before i went there. if anyone has ever been pregnant, or know anything else this could be, please help. im scared and dont know whats going on. thanks
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What type of contraception are you on?  If you are taking depo-provera i would seriously recommend you stop using this asap.  I had the same symptoms as yourself and was diagnosed with depression, i wasn't depressed it was the side effects of the depo -provera.  Also if you do ever plan on having kids it could take up to years after coming off of this pill for your  body to regulate.  I regret ever taking this for of contraception as my body is still completely messed up.  Hope this helps!!
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im on lutera, not depo. i take it the same time everyday.
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i am on the depo and whew.... it is evil... i have been nothing but nausated, hot flashes, not able to sleep, night sweats.... list goes on... and i am on my 3rd injection
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