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what do guys think about this?(labia minora)

I have a really embarrassing problem (or at least it is to me). My problem is that one side of my labia minora is considerably and very noticeably longer than the other. I have had no sexual contact with guys (which in turn as ruined almost all of my relationships to the point now that I have stopped dating all together) fearing what they will think. Now, I know for a fact that this is normal and is not a health issue but that hasn't helped me to be confident with myself "down there." So my question is, could a guy ever find that attractive? Or should I still be feeling this way?

I would love to get responds from men and women, like from women who have the same type of labia minora and who have had experiences with guys. Please help me with this! Thank you.

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having uneven labia is normal! it's very common. stop worrying about it and have fun! if a man finds your genitalia "unattractive" then there's something wrong w/him
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This question comes up every month or so in this forum, and so I asked my husband if there ever would come a time when a guy would find a woman's labia "too big" or in any way not attractive.  He laughed and laughed and said "Never in a million years."  We women get so obsessive about our appearance that we stress over things that men don't give a hoot about.  Apparently all labia are created equal to men, and if a guy is in the happy position of being face to face with labia, he is NOT complaining about anything.  :)
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annie is right. anytime a guy can get a looksie at a vagina whether it be in a movie, in a fantasy or a real one in his face, he is in his glory. we all come in different shapes, sizes, textures and colors down there. its like our boobs and shoe size. one is usually larger than the other!

as a matter of fact, if he even noticed what you are insecure about, he would probably be even more turned on because its different/unusual. chances are, you are the only one who is noticing.
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i forgot to add if you are looking for mens advice too you may want to put this in the mens forum because not too many men come over here....too scared!
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I agree with all the other posters - own that labia!! Don't be ashamed or embarassed... the beauty about men - they SERIOUSLY notice very little about these things. Labia is not symmetrical.. nor are breasts - most women have a smaller breast on the right side.. in fact, one of my girlfriends is a full cup smaller on the right.

Love your body - and a man will love it, too..
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One of my labia minora is a bit longer than the other and no guys have ever said anything to me about it.  I used to be pretty self-conscious about it and would always want to do everything with the lights off...lol.  But with my current bf who I've been with 3 years,  I actually mentioned it to him and he said he never even really noticed.  They all come in different sizes and he doesn't mind one bit.  You need to forget about this or get into some counseling.  This shouldn't be limiting your social life.
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Hello.  It looks like I'm the first male who has responded to your question.  First off you must keep this in mind; nobody's body is perfect and everybody has some sort of non-symmetry about them.  Some people have eyes that are not perfectly in the same plane, some people have crooked smiles, and in the case of sexually related areas, some women have one breast that is larger than the other or one nipple that is not perfectly in the center of one breast yet it is on the other, some men have one testicle that is larger than the other and some men's penises, in fact, MOST penises are not perfectly straight.  All of this variation is what makes each and every one of us uniquie in our own way.

I know what you are going through as I have a bit of the latter issue, a slight bend in my penis that I always was very self concious about for years, but you know what?  Not one woman ever cared or cares about it.  Most of them, after I brought the issue up and asked what they thought about it, they never even noticed.  I do know this; similar to what AnniBrooke mentioned, anytime a woman is or has been in the happy position of being face to face with it, she is NOT complaining about anything, and niether am I for that matter!  :)

In my personal opinion, I rather enjoy the variation of women's vulvas, including and especially labia sizes.  It makes each and every one of you unique, and you should be proud of your uniqueness.  As for longer labia, keep in mind that this gives a man more to "play" with down there and to me, sometimes longer labia can be very arousing to the sight and touch and well.....I think you get the idea of where I'm going.  

One labia being longer than the other is absolutely NOT an issue at all so please, rid yourself of this worry and get yourself back into relationships and being sexually active.  Feel proud of your uniquness down there, leave the lights on and show your lover what you've got!  Any man that is not completely and utterly aroused and excited at the sight of your vulva and labia has some REAL problems, and in that case, the problem is HIM and not YOU.  More than likely he is gay!

So have fun and be proud of your labia! Using Annie's quote again; I know if I were in the happy position of being face to face with your labia or labia like yours, I wouldn't be complaining one bit!  :)
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Thank you all so much! I really appreciate the replies :)
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OMG!!! I have that same thing!!!!  no, its not unnattractive, your just one more person out there who's different, but that what makes people like you and I special! and don't worry about it!
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well i have the same problem but mine hasen't always been like that and it is so embarrassing and im not use to it so what should i do :(
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Not everyone has a vagina like a porn star i actually have the exact same problem i am still a little self conscience but if we kno guys right they dont care what it looks like they only care about one thing
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what if the labia is like 3 inches longer than the other...
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