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when to see a gyno about irregular periods?

i’m 20 and got my first period when i was 11. it’s always been irregular.

i’ve been keeping track of it for about a year and up until now my longest recorded cycle was 59 days last year in august. now it’s been 76 days since i’ve had my period. there was a time when i was 15/16 i didn’t get it for about 3 months.

i have a pretty low pain tolerance so it’s hard to know if i’m just overreacting but when i’m on my period i get unbearable cramps. regular ibuprofen or paracetamol don’t work so the pharmacist told me to have 1 aleve & 2 panadol osteo - it helps a bit but doesn’t fully get rid of the pain. i also get really fatigued and get body aches (arms & legs). this has gotten worse as i’ve gotten older.

my period itself usually lasts 2-4 days which i think is normal.

anyway i’m really scared to go to a gynaecologist and am not sure if this is reason enough to make an appointment.
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It seems like a good idea to me. Get your hormone levels checked , and your thyroid, and be sure the ob/gyn does not pooh-pooh the pains you are having. You might also request an abdominal MRI, to see if you're dealing with anything like scar tissue.
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