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white discharge / clear discharge instead of period, now 7 days late

I went off the pill in Sept. had AF Nov. 14th, then again AF on Dec. 19th my husband and I had unprotected sex in Dec. a couple days before my period started, then again Jan. 21st or 22nd (other times we used condoms)  I started to have CM or some white discharge around the time my period was supposed to start but no blood or color at all.  Then we had unprotected sex a couple of days later (my husband say's well you should be starting your period any day now, so let's not use protection) I have 2 sons  3 and 5 yrs. and we aren't trying to get pregnant, but I wouldn't mind if I was.

So, now I guess I am 7-10 days late or so and I took 2 HPT's which both were Neg. (the first on Fri. morn and the 2nd yesterday afternoon)  STILL, no AF and no blood or sign of it, sometimes a little white/clear discharge when I wipe.  Not sure what to think.  I didn't find out I was preg. with my 2 sons until I was 5-7 weeks preg. and I was younger and uninformed about how my body worked.  Any thoughts? Oh, also before BC pills, I was irregular, but I know we have had unprotected sex 2 times, so that is why I wonder what is going on.
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You might call your OB/GYN to see what he/she thinks.  I am
12 days late and my doctor's nurse said to wait another
week.  I will either get a blood test done or will be told
to wait it out longer.
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Thanks for your input. It is so confusing..yesterday, (& more today) I have had some dizziness when I was in a room that was warmer and when I was mopping the floor.  I really do wonder if I am preg.  My husband says "oh, just wait until this Friday and if no AF, then take another HPT Fri. morning."  I guess I will do that.  Let me know your results.  I hope it's what you are hoping for.
If anyone else reads this and has input, especially about the white/clear discharge instead of a period...please let me know.
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well im 2 days late but i have camps like im going to start but i never do and me and my boyfriend dont use protection but he pulls out i no its not the safe way out but i think im dumb but anyways my pains come on and off but really strongly like im on a heavy flow but theres no blood my boyfriend says ive been eating more and im always kindof tired.. ive never missed a period befor and i no i sopposed to start on the 17th they say another big sign is your body temp and i cheaked it but its not that high (99.2) idn what to do me and my boyfriend are really scared can you help?
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What you have just said my husband and I used the same method of protection and I had those same symptoms like my period was going to start for weeks I was just waiting and cramping I thought any moment it's going to start.  Congratulations it's possible you may be pregnant.  I found out that was what happened with me.  You should get a pregnancy test from the drug store, or your local family planning office, and confirm with your doctor.  Best wishes...
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I have the same white/clear discharge, 9 days late and I just got HPT and is negattive. I will repet it. I had symptoms like my period willl arrive but...nothing...
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i have the same i am 4 weeks late for my period i have done numerus tests i had one that was very faint positive so i did another one as was unsusre and it said neg, so i did more and they all said neg, has anyone got any info?? would really appreciate, i have a feeling alomost like when i bend over its really sore, also i have one daughter and had morning sickness all way through i have no feelings of been sick but occasionally feel dizzy,
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