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white jelly like worms from left over orgasm

i am 16 and have masturbated before, i’ve recently been using the handle of a brush. when i came back there were small white jelly like worms over it. i have not had sex and have seen them a few times, but when they do not show up every time. is this something i should see a doctor for? i’m worried
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Do you mean a substance that looks like worms? (In other words, not jelly-like worms but worm-like rolls of jelly?) Or real worms, like, living? If real worms, have you googled pinworms?
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This article describes pinworms pretty well. They are often associated with the colon and anus, but can travel into the vagina. Check out the article for q & a, and if you think pinworms is what you have, see a doctor. You don't want them in your vagina.
i don’t have the symptoms of pinworms, but i have looked up what i had experienced. i’ve read that men also seem to have seen these, but their word was also mixed in with other replies. i don’t feel unhealthy or anything that’s making me uncomfortable, just freaked out
Again, your title says "white jelly like worms" -- I'm curious if you are saying worms ("white, jelly-like worms") or are saying it's jelly ("white jelly; like worms")?
oh, i mean worms. when i fist look at it, it’s normal white release from the body. after i had come back, worms appeared
Actually living, wiggling worms? Or just that perhaps the white release from the body has rolled into ropelike shapes?
yes, they move around and wiggle
OK, then, you really should go see your ob/gyn and get a pelvic exam. Explain that these are some kind of worm, you think, because they move around and wiggle. Probably the brush handle is going in deep and hard enough to pull some out.

If you hadn't seen them move independently, it might have been that something about your secretions was elastic and rolled up when drying. But if you are sure they are alive, then it's time to get a medication to kill them. The doctor can tell you what they are.
okay thank you for all of you help!!
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Do you have this when you don't use the hair brush?
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no, i’ve never seen it when i haven’t used the brush
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turns out it was the brush that was the issue
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Well, that's good.  Get rid of the brush.  :>)  I was wondering!  If it only happened with the hair brush, it seemed like it had to be related to that and not worms within you.  Good luck sweetie!!  
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