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why are my breasts tender and very emotional AFTER period ended?

i've been taking reclipsen birth control. and every since i started my 2nd pack, my breasts have felt like their bruised. not so much the nipples, but just the breasts themselves. i've been on it for 4 months now and the only time i notice when my breasts don't hurt is when i'm actually on my period. why is that? and what can i do to stop my breasts from hurting? they only hurt when i'm not on my period. as soon as i get my period, the pain goes away. but when it stops, they start to hurt again. also, i've been VERY emotional! always seem to be on the verge of crying. if i start thinking about my husband i'll start crying. and if i'm not on the verge of crying, i'm ready to smack someone! why am i still like this? my period ended a few days ago but none of my symptoms have gone away. why do my breasts only hurt when i'm NOT on my period and why am i still so emotional?
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I noticed my right boob is realy sore and it makes me wanna cry all the time also I can't be pregnant coz am on the control birth pill so yy do they Hurt can any1 tell me plz xx
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I feel boobs sore after my period and dizzy, moody, crumps like I used to feel during my period! And I took pt but it's negative!! I want to know why? But I feel I'm pregnant! Can anyone tell me what's happening to me? Shane
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