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why is it painful when me and my bf try to have sex recently.. never happened before

Hi I dont have an answer but I need an answer. My bf and I have been together for almost 5 years and just recently within the past few months we havent been able to have sex like we usually do bcuz when he enters my vagina it instantly hurts. I dont really know why bcuz this has never happened before as it was only occasional little pain when he would get really deep. There has been a huge amount of stress in our house for quite some time so that contributed to not having sex as often either which has caused a little tensing up on my end when he wants to be intimate with me... we tried to have sex last night for new years and I was laying on my back this time thinking it wouldnt hurt as the time before I was on top and that time I got all the in but it didnt stop hurting at all I could barely even move my body the way he likeswithout it hurting..anyways last night on my back he was down on me for awhile and I had orgasmed a couple times and he went to go inside me and as soon as he got inside me it hurt and we couldnt continue..... honestly he doesnt want this to destroy me mentally but im worried about what will happen to us if we cant make love to each other :( I have tried to do a finger test anc the first time it hurt like hell today it hurt a tiny bit but can anyone tell me when you feel insidd yourself if there is like a piece of the vagina you kinda have to "go around"? Like I spead my lips apart and went to find the hole and I was laying on. Y back and it feels like u have to go down and then go up??... please tell me this makes sense to anyone... im 25 yrs old I had a recent pap earlier this yesr that came back good... I dont know if gaining a little bit of weight or even taking methadone is causing something.... I am also on depo shot... I just want to please my guy how I used to instead of crying to sleep and wondering if he really means that its ok :(.... I nave had chlamydia but before we got back together and it was clesred up... this is not even in the same pain ballpark so I KNOW its not that!! Please please help me
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Hm.  I'm not sure what is going since you haven't had issues in the past with him.  I think you need to schedule a pelvic exam with an ob/gyn and explain what is going on exactly.  Please come back and tell us what they say and sorry this is causing even more stress for you!
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Hormones are a finicky thing, changing constantly, something as simple as this could cause it to be more dry than usual in the area even if It doesn't seem like it. Always be sure to use some lubricant! There is also the chance of tearing in the area, especially when the area is dry. I always suggest to see your doctor with things like this, especially when it's interfering with your life. Try not to worry until you get into the doctors office, there's a million things it could be but it's more than likely nothing serious. Test out some lubricants, try different positions, and be sure to have a lot of foreplay beforehand so your body is less tense :)
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