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I'm concern  my friend said lupus causes leasions all over her body is that true
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i think better if you google for more details
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I have lupus myself and I have never heard of that. Lupus can cause rashes. (I am referring to systemic lupus, aka SLE). There is another form of lupus called discoid lupus. If she has that, perhaps the lesions could be related. I don't know much about that kind. The systemic kind is known for affecting various organ systems (kidneys, lungs, heart, etc.) The common rash that many systemic lupus patients have is a "malar rash" which covers the nose and the upper part of the cheeks. Rashes for SLE patients are usually due to photosensitivity. Sania is right. If you Google a few key search terms, you can find tons of information and photos.
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