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hi i was crying the other day and i bent over and when i went to stand up i had terrible pain in my lower abdominal region. i took about 10 min for the pain to go away and it brought me to my knees when it finally did go away i felt crampy like i was going to get my period for the rest of the day. this is the second time it happened and its never happened before. the first time same thing i was crying and i bent over and couldnt get back up i almost fell to the ground it hurt so bad. any ideas. could it be a cyst? also i have no appetite so much i eat cuz i know i have to but fill quicky.???
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Well, one idea is to stop bending over when you are crying.  It kind of sounds like you are giving yourself a charleyhorse or muscle spasm in that position.
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I would say that maybe when you are crying and you bend over and are using your abdominal muscles to cry as well as stand back up, you may ( like AnnieBrooke said) be giving yourself some sort of muscle spasm or even pinching a nerve when that happens.  Due to the muscle spasm or pinched nerve, that could be giving you the pain (menstral cramping pain) that you had for the rest of the day.
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