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yeast infection for over 6 months

i've had a yeast infection since summer and i need help bad. it's made me depressed and angry and i don't know what to do. i've been to the doctor so many times, they always give me the same pill and have given me plenty of refills and it does not work. i've tried 7 day monostat several times, i've tried refresh products and probiotics and cinnamin pills and nothing is working. the only thing that came close was inserting a probiotic capsule every night. but even then it came back and its worse even. i have an IUD and i think that might have something to do with it, but  at planned parenthood they said they wouldnt take it out until everything was "healthy" but its not happening and i cant reach the strings myself. i hate my life. this is horrible. please help me
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Okay try diluted apple cider vinegar, use it your bath water, try some pH balancing wipes, look for cotton/ organic, with the least amount of chemicals you can't pronounce, try it for about a weak, don't consume too much sugar either, take your probiotics (if they're not helping, stop em, I've had a few I wasn't too found of), don't do the yogurt tampon thing - yogurt has sugar; I personally had a bad experience with it. You can also get candida cleanses at local health stores... but you have to cut the sugar and follow directions- I'm not a fan, they can be expensive, but it's an option.

OTC creams and pills never worked for me, same with prescriptions, every time I have to much sugar I get an infection, it's annoying, I usually look for food with less than 10g of sugar/ serving.
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Look into candida symptoms. Could be why you keep getting infections!
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