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zit like blood blisters....

(I didn't know where to post this)
I am a plus size 22 year old female who is currently losing weight, and I have began to get this what start out like zits on my upper thighs mostly inner and upper legs and on my stomach. Which I pop (of course) I know I shouldn't and I try not to but they look horrible when their inflammed. But they are a dark purple under the whit head. Like a blood blister I sometimes get them on my vagina from shaving also but I do not shave my stomach or my upper legs. And after I pop these zits they leave a dark purple spot that won't go away. I am currently losing weight I've lost about 60lbs and I've noticed these start to be frequent within the past month and I am just wondering how to get rid of them and what to do when they start to form? And for that matter what are they and how can I avoid them?

Sorry I am not good at explaining these things.
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if they're kind of just like blood bubbles under your skin then don't worry about it but stop popping them! sometimes it's just small blood vessels that appear under the skin, nothing alarming. I can't tell from your description if that is what you have but if it is don't stress it :)
Weight changes can do that too, so many changes to the body and skin! congratulations by the way.
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Hello and congrats on your weight loss!  That's great :)

I really don't know what they could be from, the only thing I wanted to ask, is are you working out now to lose the weight?  What are you wearing if so?  That's the only thing I could think of, is maybe your workout clothes are causing it, or the friction of working out itself.  Hopefully somebody else can chime in with some more answers or ideas.  I wish you continued success on your weight loss!
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