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Father and children Relationship is it too far?

I have a 14 month old  daughter and  a 2 month old son i have been knowing the kids father since 2015..he is from Nigeria,He is older  and never had kids and has been in states about 20+ years so he is very much used to American culture.Just to give a bit of back story..We do not live together and  but he is very affectionate with our duaghter..especially when drinking..he gives her kiss on lips a peck not anything serious but Indont like thatvhe is over affectionate when drinking also he pinches her on her nipple and he has the same habit he does to himself..I  told him I think inappropriate she is a little girl  and he places her  directly on his crotch when he holds her and even when first eake up his penis is hard he has placed her on his crotch ..he yells at me saying I think he is a pedophile,I didnt think I would have to explain to a man he has a penis and should be placed on his knee..what should I do?
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