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Help plz!!! Friendship trouble!

Ok so first of all I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum so here goes.....let me give u some background: my name is jennifer I'm 12 and I'm in the 6th grade.so let me tell u the names of the"ditchers"[you'll understand as I explain the story] arien and monica so the whole thing started on feb 29 I was a recess waiting for them cuz I hang out with them so they never came so I went to hang out wit my other friends when I went to them guess who finally came out!!! Arien and monica! I was talking to my other friends and ask them,"should I be mad at them"and they said yes so when recess was over, arien was standing in line and she said"jennifer!"so I just ignored her and again at lunch recess they ditched me again! So today I was talikng to my friend and told her the truth. Me personally I think monica ruined everything! Me and arrien had a close relationship until monica had to interfere just cuz she set up arien wit a boy she also started to go to ariens house and that really annoys me now!I was gonna take arien to knotts berry farm but now I'm not so sure! I evejn think she doesn't want to be my friend cuz if she did she would be the bigger person and apoligize!I really don't know if its me just not liking her anymore or just jealusy! And besides arien annoys me cuz she is talked to a lot and she thinks she soooo tough cuz she starting to be emo. Well that's my story plz let me know wat u think and wat I should to. P.s.I'm not sure if I even want to be her friend anymore? So plz comment and thanks for everybody who helped me bye!:-)
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Let me get this straight.
This all started because two of your friends came outside late during recess.
Did you ask them why they were late? Did they have to go to the washroom or their lockers first? Is there a good reason why it took them so long to come outside?

Anyway, because they were late coming outside, YOU went over to a different group of girls who told you that you should be mad at the other two for coming out late?  Does that seem fair?
If YOU were the one coming out the door late, would it be fair for them to hate you because you may have had to go to the washroom or some other excuse?
Sorry, maybe I'm not understanding this properly...if that's the case, forgive me. I'm just trying to figure this all out.

Then you said  " so when recess was over, arien was standing in line and she said"jennifer!"so I just ignored her"

Maybe she was trying to ask you why you were mad at her. It's quite possible that you took them coming out the door late in the wrong way.
Like I said, they may have needed to go to the washroom, but you took their coming out the door late as them trying to keep away from you.

So now, because you ignored her, she now thinks that you are mad at her for some reason that she can't understand...she possibly feels that she did nothing wrong.

Then you go on to say that they ditched you again at lunch.  It's quite possible that they did NOT mean to ditch you at recess, but now at lunch they ARE ditching you because you were so mean to them.

After this you say that Monica ruined everything. This sounds to me like you are jealous that Arien is friends with Monica, because you feel that Monica is doing special things for Arien and that you are worried that she is trying to take Arien away from you.
If Arien is really your friend she isn't going to " dump you " just because Monica is doing special things for her.

If I were you, I would take her to Knott's Berry farm. This way you will have a chance to talk to her. Find out how she really feels about Monica.
If she really likes Monica, maybe you can find a way for all three of you to be friends. If she doesn't like Monica all that much, then maybe she's only being friends with her because she thinks you like Monica.
Have  you always disliked Monica? Or did you like her at one time?
Have you given her a fair chance?

Sometimes a bad misunderstanding can ruin the best friendships.

Let me tell you about what happened to me once.
I had a best friend named Penny. No one else is school seemed to like us much...or so we thought. So we stayed away from others, and it was just the two of us all the time.
One year, for my birthday, I invited Penny over and I also invited a few other people.
Penny called me to say that she wasn't coming! I was so MAD!
I had cleaned the basement, and my mom had bought all sorts of chips, pop, etc for the party.
A little while later, the rest of the people started to call...they all said that they were going rollerskating with Penny...one of them ( the last one to call ) said that I should come to the rollerskating rink.
Of course I didn't bother to go...I was MAD!!! Very mad!!!
How could my best friend do this to me?
I ended up crying myself to sleep.
A couple of hours later Penny and a whole group of kids showed up.
It was a misunderstanding....they were trying to throw me a surprise party...and the last girl that phoned was supposed to say that Penny was in trouble and that I needed to come there right away...but she forgot to say that part and only said that I should come.

We made up in the end, but I always felt bad after that...I had ASSUMED that Penny was being mean...and I assumed that the other girl hated me because she repeated the story the wrong way...but it was only a mistake. They all said sorry to me, but it didn't really help...I still felt angry...mostly with myself for thinking that my best friend had done me wrong...when she was only trying to do a good thing.

Hope this helps.
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