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Household Items Needed

Hello ladies, so I had a question that is off topic but I figured it would be answered here.  I am moving out of my parents home next weekend and into an apartment with my fiance.  I am having a hard time thinking of things that I need around the house at all times.  Do you ladies have any items that are good to have or are needed.
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micowave, towels, wash cloths, dish towels, shower curtain (i forgot that when i moved into my first palce,lol) cups, plates, silverware, broom........i can go on and on....i hope i have helped......best wishes
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coffee pot, broom, dust pan, mop, toaster, alarm clock, tv, furniture?
and of course, groceries!
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thanks, thats a start.  I wouldnt have thought about a broom. lol
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Those are all good suggestions.    I thought you were buying a house and thinking of starting an inhome daycare with your fiance's mom.
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Don't forget the pots and pans!  It sucked when I didn't have anything like that when I got my first apartment.  Oh, I had everything else, and all the groceries.  But no pots or pans to cook in!
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No I'm not starting an inhome daycare with my fiance's mom, she is thinking about starting one.  Maybe downthe road I'll start one but there is not way I could start one with her. lol
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Can opener, corkscrew, garlic press, colander, shower caddy, trash bins, measuring cups, measuring spoons.
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Can Opener! I knew I forgot something, lol!
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toilet paper...thank God for  understanding neighbors...lol
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i forgot the shower curtain and the can opener when my husband and i got married and moved out. LOL!
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Vaccum..household cleaning products..air freshner...broom..dust pan..garbage..garbage bags.. sponges..toaster..microwave...rugs for the front and back door if you do not want dirt tracked in or even mud...lamps some places dont always have there own in stalled..dishes..silverware..measuring cups..pots and pans...can opener...daily hygeine products..medecine like advil cough syrup..etc...Light bulbs...hangers

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