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How do you think the world will end?

Plague, or nuclear war?  Or some other scenario?

Myself, I think that overpopulation, dwindling gas supplies, soaring food prices, and lack of access to health care will eventually (after some period of other chaos, could be decades) lead to plague and sickness that will ultimately be the undoing of society and mankind as we know it.

Happy thinking, Med Helpers!  
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Awww, our Peek, the optimist ;-)
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Guess no one cares...wahhhh!

(can you tell I was bored?)
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I think the microchips implanted in our brains will simultaneously implode and we'll all be turned into a jello-like mush.
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Well, that's a given.  My microchip is already starting to give me problems.  Smoke comes out of my ears occasionally.

I watched a creepy Cosmos special last night, and it got me to wondering how the world will likely end.  

Sometimes I worry about myself, I really do.
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I think we'll go into an ice-age after the earth warms too much, and not be able to grow food etc.  But I rather like the idea of our microchips imploding simultaneously! At least we won't suffer... but I'm probably going to hell anyway... of course, I don't believe in hell, but one never knows!
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This subject freaks me out, I overheard my co-workers saying the world will end in 2012, so i guess we have 4 years left on earth. Hate the subject, always try to avoid it when I hear people speaking of it.
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I think the date 2012 came from the Mayan people according to their calender.

Peek, Peek, Peek, always got to be stirring things up, tsk, tsk. Could you have picked a more depressing subject? Lol. You're going to scare people here!

Well, I think you all already know how I feel about this. I believe what the prophesies say about end times in the Bible. It's right there in the book of Daniel and Revelations as well as other parts of the Bible. It's right there for anyone interested enough to read and study it. Pretty fascinating stuff, really. Prophesies that were written over 2,000 years ago that we are seeing fulfilled today. Most of the prophesies have come true already. There aren't many left to be fulfilled, which seems to suggest that Jesus will be coming back for his people soon, possibly in our life time. Who knows? I'm not afraid. My faith and trust is in him. No one knows the hour. We're just supposed to be ready.
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I think the Scientologists will invade all the land and elect Tom Cruise as the President and then John Travolta as VP.  Then they will kill everyone who won't join Scientology.  After that, everyone will die from the leaking chips placed in their brain and the human race will once again become extinct.  This happened before, 2 billion years ago, and it will happen again.
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My husband says it doesn't matter. We're all going to die from the Asian Flu first anyway.
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You ladies are so funny, love your sense of humor about this, you know we can all sit here and guess but do we really want to know how its going to end, no matter how you look at it or which way its suppose to end its wicked scary, well for me it is i mean every thing scares me, i'm already a nervous wreck all the time, My mom also told me not to long ago that the earth is going to shift also in 2012, i hate that damb number. Any how there is no scientific proof that the earth is going to shift 4 yrs from now and what about those micro chips, their already using them on pets. Are those even safe. My grandmother told us everything we need to know about the book of revelations when we were just kids, it scared the **** out of us, to this day she always tells us, get prepared the end is near, how do you prepare for something like this.
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Ok, so I'll mark down "Plague" from Aprils husband.

(I did know what you would say.  I was wondering what you thought, you yourself...not what scripture says.  I pretty much figured what the scripture stance was)

I'm looking for peoples personal thoughts on the matter!  Try again--what YOU think does matter to me!  

It is depressing, though.
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I think the beginning of the end of the world will start with something happening with Israel, such as an attempt made to "wipe the country off the map," as the Iranian president dude wants to see happen. Whether that will succeed, I don't know, but I think some sort of attempt is going to be made to destroy Israel, and from there a world wide nuclear war will break out like a domino effect.
In the midst of the nuclear wars, biological warfare will also be used and people will be plagued with sickness and disease, dying left and right.
Then I think that with all the pollutants from the nuclear warfare that the climate and ecology will change for the worst, and a severe famine will happen among crops and water sources and then people will be starving to death if they're not already diseased and dying.
In the meantime, I think there will only be one major power throughout the world--the antichrist. This person will be ruthless and identify his followers with a special mark or mirco chip (you know, the 666 thing), and the people that don't follow him will have a death sentence.
Anyway, before all this happens, during, or after it all reaches the worst peak possible, the rapture will happen and God will take His faithful to heaven with Him and leave the rest to perish with the world and with the antichrist when He destroys the world.

So there are my personal thoughts that are based on what I believe according to the Scriptures.
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Ok, I'll mark you down for "nuclear war".  
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Lol, don't forget to add the plagues and famine to my name too!
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Actually, I think Asian Bird Flu will be more of a pandemic than a plague. Or are they the same?

If 2012 is going to be THE year, then I'm totally partying my a.ss off in '11.
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Well, you know what they say, God isn't one to let us know when things will happen.  It is my theory then, that if someone says the world will end, say on June 6th, 2006 (6.6.6), then ir probably won't.  I figure God has a really good sense of humor.

As for how will the world end?  I vote for nuclear war leading to plagues and famine... AJH84 said it pretty well.

Gee, can we pick a more "sunshiney" topic to discuss tomorrow?  No?  Oh, ok.
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You are are causing me no end of bookkeeping trouble.  

Nuclear war leading to plague is different (at least to me) from any old general plague.  
I think its a given that after a nuclear war, we're all going to be in deep doo-doo, plague-wise.

Soaring gas prices have me really frightened for some reason.  I think that soon, seriously, gas will be our of reach of many who depend on it.  Many people wont' even be able to get to work any longer.  No work, no benefits, no health care...lack of gas to shuttle foods across the country = lack of food and produce in stores = lack of proper nutrition = sickness.  No job, no money, no way to get treatment in our country that doesn't have universally available health care....

I don't see this ending well.  At least I don't have "the mark" yet, so I'm reasonably certain if the Rapture came, I could slide in, unnoticed.....
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I guess the issue of gas doesn't scare me too much because there are so many reports on alternative energy for gas. So if gas becomes unavailable, innovative people are going to inevitably come up with alternative forms of consumable energy.
Just what I think, though.
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I think the aliens are going to invade and suck all the blood from our bodies.  Scientology comes from aliens you know.

Put me down for the alien attacking the earth.

Thank you.
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Hey, as long as those aliens don't probe me in any way, I can deal with having the blood sucked from my body until death. I think.
But no probing. Definitely no probing.
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May--duly noted.

AJH84--gas is already a problem for many--its here, now, not something that will be a problem "someday".  
My husband can't afford to fill up his truck anymore, so we had to buy another small car.  We can't afford a hybrid, either.  

The problem is here and now, and the alternatives are not ready.  Not even close.
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Yeah, I hear you on that. I drive a 2001 Ford Escape with a V6 engine, so it's a gas guzzler and it's killing me. I spend about $280/month in gas alone. But I can't afford to get a new car that will increase my auto insurance, and I don't want to risk getting a used car that I have no idea what could go wrong with it.
Anyway, what I was getting at by not being worried too much about it was that if gas suddenly becomes temporarily or permanently unavailable, people are innovative and will be forced to find and use alternatives quickly. I think the only reason we aren't doing so now is because the crisis of gas prices hasn't reached its peak and because the oil industry and certain governments have such a tight control over the issue, so the few decent attempts at alternative energy are not getting the recognition they should be right now.
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My husband has almost an hour drive each way, and it was costing nearly $600 a month in gas!  Its about up to $4.50 a gallon here.  We had no choice.  Yes, our insurance went up, but it was mostly thanks to Mr. Peeks lead foot and recent accident.
It only went up about $50 a month from the car.
We got it checked out prior to buying it, which is the most you can do.  We had to do it.  We simply can't afford gas.

But what if we couldn't have afforded another car?  What if he couldn't have continued to have such a drive?  He'd have had to quit.  He's been looking for a job closer...so far, no luck.  There is no one who lives down here for him to car pool with.  No public transportation that would get him anywhere near his job.

And we're relatively well off, financially!  What in the heck is happening right now to people whose cars are on their last legs, who can't afford gas, and who don't happen to have public transportation at their fingertips?  If we're feeling such a pinch, my GOD!  What are other people feeling?  
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*runs away, flailing arms hysterically*
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