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Roe vs Wade

ok this is kind of political but...one of our presidental canidates is considering over turning the right to abortion, how do you feel about this?
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I think that anyone who needs an abortion, should be able to get one that is safe and legal.  It's not a decision that should be made lightly or without a lot of thought however it is the right decision in many cases.  

I am not "pro-abortion" though.  I am "pro-choice".  If someone really feels strongly about keeping their baby, and is willing to do the work with raising a child, more power to them.  

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personally I think abortion is immoral, however I see the need for it and do believe all women should have the freedom of choice, I kinda think the 20 week limit is too high, It seems to me that a 1st trimester abortion would be a better  legal limit
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I believe to have the freedom of choice.....
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I don't see it as immoral.  Saying that, is making a judgement about the woman's character.  Mistakes happen, birth control fails, people make bad choices, women get raped, children get abused.  Life is hard for everyone and no one is perfect.  No one.  I've been immoral at times but I've never had an abortion.  My character is often wanting.   Abortion is sad to me.  It's sad that it's needed and that women need to make that choice at certain times.  But the women who get an abortion are not immoral b/c they get an abotion.  
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i can understand the desire for choice.  my thinking has evolved over time, and i think if you believe life begins at conception, then no abortion should be permitted.  there are shades of gray in this debate, though, it is a complicated issue.  i do think that both men and women should not participate in the act if they aren't ready for the possible outcome.  they should be responsible when making that decision, not have the back up decision of abortion.  
it is a very controversial subject.
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I do believe that life begins at conception however saying that people should not have sex if they aren't ready for the outcome is a perfectionist way looking at sex. Who has sex thinking "well if I get pregnant, I"ll get an abortion"?  Abortions cost money and frankly, I would rather buy new shoes than get an abortion.  

Sex is necessary to people.  We need it.  Even the people who deny their sex drive need it.  Yes, women need sex too. Sometimes the outcome of sex is pregnancy.  
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I did not mean to imply women who get abortions are immoral, I just meant that in my heart for me personally it would be the wrong choice,,,Im not judging others and I did expect contarversy on this subject.

I do believe we need to keep abortion legal,,,us women better think about who we vote for the rights of womens choices are at stake.
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the president of the usa would have the righ to over turn roe vs wade, its been talked about alot scarry!!!!!
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Oh, ok, I guess I read your answer the wrong way.  Sorry about that.  It's is a controversial subject as it should be.  
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i don't think they say - o well, i'll get an abortion, i don't think they often say anything.  i think if you decide to have sex, as a couple, you should be prepared that pregnancy is possible.  if that is absolutely undesired, maybe you shouldn't be having sex!  people should think beyond the next ten minutes.  yes, maybe that is perfectionist, things happen, but i think if more people gave it far more thought, the issue wouldn't be as big as it is.  that is why casual sex is harmful to women.  (and men, but in a different way).  i'm not making a judgment about anyone in that situation, but i am saying that killing a life should not have to be the answer.  if you truly believe that life begins at conception, there is no choice.  if you believe in choice, you don't have the same belief.
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teko - So far, we are all behaving ourselves.  I enjoy reading views different from mine though, especially about subjects like abortion, the death penalty, etc.
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alikat - a lot of people have children, that in my opinion, never should have.  I see it in the stores, at restaurants, even here on MH.  But do I have the right to tell them they shouldn't have gone through with the pregnancy?  Nope, that's their choice.

Life begins at conception.  When else does it begin?  
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