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Shoould I be mad at the fact that he is upset when i pass gas?

Ok, so my husband and I have been together for 9 years. We have 3 kids, and lately I've been having some serious bloating and trapped gas issues. When i have to fart, its monumental. The other day i passed gas in my sleep and it went on FOREVER. He even joked about it that I fart in my sleep. But lately, he gets upset if i pass gas around him. I mean, its like I killed someone. For me, i usually laugh at his stinky farts. It bothers me a lot that he gets upset. I feel its part of the perks of being in a long term relationship. It makes me feel funny that the at this point gets upset when i fart. I kinda get withdrawn because if i cant feel comfortable around my husband, then whats the point. So, do you think Im wrong for being upset that he's upset? Or should I respect his space?
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Men have these wacky double standards.  It's unfortunate but hopefully not a huge issue for you two.  In that, if you can---  try to pass gas away from him.  Like you would a coworker or friend.  Truthfully, while I can't always control things like that---  I do tend to try and keep it away from my hubby.  Trying to keep the romance alive, ha ha.  He doesn't.  He's all kneed in the air with an arm pull kind of gas . . .  but I try to be a lady.  :>)  

That he gets mad is irritating though.  I would tell him you'll make an effort but that you are human and he needs to cut you slack about it from time to time.  

Ahh, marital bliss, right?
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