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Something in the Medical field.....

Sounds weird but I had an epiphany today when I bought some scrubs for work at the dog groomers. I like myself in scrubs. I thought Id like a job for a while now, that I can wear my jammies to work.
So my question is, is there any jobs in the medical field that you can think of that would suit me. Keep this in mind....Im poor so school cant take for ever or cost an arm and a leg. There is only a college near by so I would have to be able to take necessary classes there rather than a university. And I dont like gross things, or boring things. Ive been thinking about looking into something my cousin started doing...I think its a lab tech, I know she takes blood. Any thoguhts, thanks.
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Well apparently the only college near by doesnt have anything related. Oh but they have the courses "Chocolate-Level 2" and  "Danishes to die for" GO FIGURE!
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Around here you can take a lot of medical and dental classes at the ROP or Adult ed.  I don't know if they have anything like that around you.  Physical Therapy assistant is the one I want one day, but that's just cause I like to be a know it all. LOL
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But Chocolate Level 2 sounds promising!
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I dont think there is anything like that here. My sister said to go with chocolate level 2 also so I can make her some good fudge lol
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