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Valentine's Day Gifts

So I'm sitting here at work going through the web wondering what the heck I'm going to get my fiance for Valentine's Day.  Any suggestions?
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one year i got my dh the "blind date" dvd, you know, the dating game? we laughed our heads off! one year i cooked an elaborate meal, one year i made cookies and wrote little love notes on them...  
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I was thinking about something like the board game with monogrammed panties or something cute.  Maybe a bunch of different small things like that.
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i like the bunch of small things, it should be cute and sexy, not like christmas! just fun!
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Well, here's an idea I did for DH but it might have been for an anniversary.

He was a huge movie buff and we went to the show and watched DVDs ALL the time, so I wrote him a letter,including in it the titles to 6 DVDs that I had purchased and wrapped.  It went something like:

*First letter attached to first DVD*

Dear _____,

Happy VajayjayDay!  I wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am that we finally got....then he would open the first wrapped DVD, which was...."HITCH..."

*next letter attached to next DVD*

-ed!!!  I know you thought you would always be a....then he would open the next wrapped DVD, which was...."40-Year-Old Virgin"

*next letter attached to next DVD*

but when we got together....blah,blah,blah for 4 more DVD titles -

and then I signed the last letter.

It was cute and original and we ended up with 6 new DVDs to watch!

*next letter attached to next DVD*
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grammy, what a cute idea that was.  Very creative.  
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what did he think of that?
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Well, he was a movie buff....so he sorta started calling out what his guess at the movies were going to be before he opened them, and it ended up being very funny and way more fun than I thought it would even be.  Plus, we talked about it for a long time.

20 years ago my stepbrother qualified for the state wrestling tournament, which was happening around V-day.  I made him a big letter of encouragement on a posterboard like you would do a school project on.  I wrote out this letter and in the appropriate spots I glued those little pastel valentines day candy hearts with words on them.  So, the words on the hearts were part of the letter.  He got a kick out of that and took it with him on the trip to state.  Not a very good "gift" per se, but that was fun as well.
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There is this place in the village that does dark dining....romactic...Its name is Camaje...They also do cooking classes where a person can prepare a dinner for the other....fun... camaje .com
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Make a homemade valentines day card and write a poem or aletter stating how much you love your fianicee. make a meal to

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