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Very upset with Yahoo photos!!

I don't know if any of you had photo albums saved on yahoo but they closed that little option and they gave you choices of where you wanted your albums moved.  Well, we chose one and they said that upon completion of the registration for the new place, all albums will be transfered.  Unfortunately, I didn't check right away and recently wanted to check out the albums...I was terrified when I saw that only 1 album was transferred.  All of our memories are gone!!  Our honeymoon pictures, DD's birth to one pictures, our vacations, all of it!!  I cried like a baby when I saw this.  Yahoo doesn't give you an option to contact them and when I did call their number, they keep sending me to a help place on their site.  I am beyond upset.  Any suggestions of what I should do??
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One thing we do with our pics.  Is we not only save them on our computer, but we also download them onto a disc.  Now always also remember this.  It has been stated the discs won't last a lifetime because of many things.  How you store them, where you store them.  The best thing you can do is pick out some good pics and get them developed at CVS or Walgreeens so that you have some pics incase something happens like this again.  
Have you tried pressing 0 when you call yahoo?  Usually that will take you to a live person directly.  I am sorry that you had this happen to you, and I am with you on how that would be so sad.  
Do any of your family members have wedding pics and birth pics that you can copy so you have some at least?
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I have wedding albums so that's not an issue.  No one has our honeymoon pictures or our DD's birth pictures.  
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You do know that anything you put on your computer is never gone!!!!!  If you did this on your computer, you might want to check with someone good with computers to see if there is any way of them being on your computer some where.  I know you didn't save them on your computer, but if you did download them from your camera to yahoo on your computer there maybe a chance.  That is why you never get rid of your computer unless you erase the hard drive.
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This is horrible. I have been lucky, but I was just saying the other day that we have tons of pictures from when my oldest two daughters were little and then our picture collection just cuts off from when we got a digital camera and a computer. I have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on discs and on our computer. I need to get these printed so I am not in the position to sit and cry because all of our memories are gone. That would be devastating!!! I'm sorry you are experiencing this. I hope Yahoo has backups of your photos. They should have!
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I had something simular happen. First our computer crashed and in order to get it back up again we lost all our files, etc.
Then like a week later I noticed that every picture on our digital camara had been erased. Apparently, one of the kids accidently erased all the pictures. There's a button where you can erase the last picture or it will ask all? I think that's what happened.
I was heartsick. We had over 300 pictures on there. We had pictures of my son from birth up through 2 years old, plus pictures of my other son's high school graduation on there. They're all gone! Fortunately, I had started a photo album of my little one and had pictures from birth up through 1 year old, but I have no pictures now of him from 1 through 2 years old. I had to scramble to find some pictures through emails I had sent to people and regular pictures sent to family members.
I try not to think about it. It's done and over with. I'm just sad that he doesn't have the pictures that my other two have. Boy, digital camaras change everything.
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This is the exact reason we are going to purchase a backup hard drive, we have so much stuff on our computer, we'd be gutted is we lost it all.
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I say contact someone good with computers and see if it is somewhere on your hard drive.  Cause if you ever looked at them on your computer, it could be there some where deep.  Worth a shot
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that's terrible...email them asking for a contact number to speak with a live rep. be a little nasty that usually gets their attention.  For future pic on the comp.  I do believe there is a website that carbon copies everything.  they will store anything and everything on your comp for a low monthly price.  So then if your comp crashes, or is hit my lightening, or yahoo loses them.  This company will always have them.  Best of luck
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Laura, good idea.  I'll start digging if it was saved somewhere on my computer.  I did save them on our computer before downloading them on yahoo but then erased them from the desktop.  I hope that somewhere deep inside they're all still there.  
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well here is something comforting.  About 10 years ago when I was in high school I wrote my boyfriend a letter on the computer, and didn't even save it to the computer.  Get this my father found it after looking around on the computer for something.  I got in trouble............ lol  So trust me nothing is ever gone even if you didn't save it to the computer.
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Sorry to hear that I had all my pics destroyed in a fire in 2006 and when I think about all those memories it just makes me want to cry.  I had pics on Yahoo too but they kept sending emails saying they where going to do away with the photo albums so I made sure to x-fer them.  I just don't understand why they did something like that.  Hopefully you can find some saved on your computer.

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