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What is happening to my breasts????

Really strange but very upsetting for me....

I am 22 years old, never had any children and not had any kind of weight loss recently, but my boobs have shrunk and dropped!?? There is nothing at the top, the breast tissue is all at the bottom of the breast.

How can this be happening at the age of 22? Never had children, eat healthy, i just dont understand and its really getting me down.

Anyone know of anything that may be causing this?

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Get your hormones tested. Might be something going on with this.
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I agree.  See your gyn soon.
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it is very strange gal....think u shud consult with ur doc or gyn soon...never take things lighly hey....but again dont stress yet bcz u dunno watsup!
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I agree with the others, get yourself checked out. I know when you lose weight you may have some saging, but you are too young. Your body adjust to the weigh loss, especially at your age. You feel there is something else, don't hesitate to have it checked.

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I feel your pain. If you find an answer please let me know. I went from a 34C to a 32A/B due to loosing 24 pounds from type 1 diabetes.

Good luck
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if the doctor doesn't find anything wrong with you try doing push ups, though if they are already fallen down, pretty much there's nothing the chest muscle can do to lift (or fill), also, wear a bra, one that supports not the type that look like sports bra, though again, once fallen...if it bothers you to a point of desperation you might want to consider surgery. I know the bra and the push ups work because first of all, the bra helps with gravity (force of attraction towards earth) day by day gravity takes a toll on your body parts, and the push ups, well its a small muscle but it does help to keep them lifted.

From personal experience, I am almost 28 (so close to 30 :S) 34C, have had weight gain and loss constantly BUT my boobs have always remained in place, thankfully they are still full and firm and its all because of the push ups (I used to do taekwondo so lots of push ups) and because I'm so lazy I sleep with my bra on. If you take a look at pictures of women who belong to tribes, who do not wear anything on the top part of their bodies, including no bra, what do they all have in common??? YES sagging boobs, from very early age.
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