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What is wrong with Medhelp

I find it absolutely ridiculous that Laura's thread on the suicidal girl was removed, however, there is a man on the Abuse forum planning (if he hasn't already done so) to sleep with his 16 year old daughter, and there has been no intervention from Medhelp.  What gives?  How interesting they are watching the gossip column (no offense ladies) so intently but on the abuse forum pedophiles are able to run rampant.  Ridiculous!
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i agree ! i have not been here since sept as a lot of trolls were messing here and i could not be bothered with it  when i was trying to help genuine folk, nothing on that score has changed ! lol
but i feel if  i can help 1 person to feel better its worth it . i still belive most of the posts like that are trolls but you never know  and so i still waste my time posting hoping i can maybe help  just a little bit ,and thats what genuine poters do it for . some sick pepole think its funny to mess with us and its a shame thats the sad world we live in !
i think they should only remove posts when it becomes a petty tit for tat  or nasty to each other as this is not what we all came here for ,we all started with a problem and stumbled on the site to find aswers and we all stuck around to help .

so heres  to helping all  posters trolls and all and a very happy new year to each and every one of us!
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Thank you for the heads up, the post has been removed now. We rely a lot on our members letting us know about posts like that. We have several thousand posts a day across all the forums and we prioritize ones where we are alerted by members. In this case, we didn't receive any complaints until we saw this post. Obviously it's up to you, but if you ever see anything like that feel free to let us know using our contact us form at: http://www.medhelp.org/contactus.htm. Thanks.

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I don't understand it either.  Laura started a post to talk about a possible situation in an forum ("Womans Community/gossip column") that was created for that reason.  Nothing wrong with that!  Medhelp is a great place to gather information on problems/issues and also so that regular people can help other regular people with issues.  I think it does that for most part but this deleting of certain posts almost sounds like Big Brother.

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Med help has no way to know of inappropriate posts unless you contact them.  Go to the home page, and at the bottom is the contact link.

I have no idea about Lauras post.  
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Why delete the post by Laura abt the 13 yr old girl?  People were just discussing a few facts about the poster.  I thought this area was supposed to be a chat room so to speak.

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May, you can also communicate with Medhelp by hovering over the blue name Med Help on the post above, and click SEND MESSAGE, just like you do with forum members.

They do not routinely read the forums.  
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I am glad they removed the post because it was very alarming.  The guy just kept arguing how it would not damage his daughter if he slept with her.  It was disgusting!  I think the women's community is more a friendship/sharing forum, and I was surprised at how intensely it is being watched, yet the forum for abuse wasn't being watched at all.  It is a site for victims to get some help.  I understand that they can't watch everything and need a heads up.  I will do that in the future.

PS. I know it could be trolls writing these things, but it is awful how low people will stoop for a bit of attention.  I have a hard time not commenting on that type of stuff.
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I know I could do that but it seemed like they were reading this one.  Sometimes they just pop up and comment on a post so they must be reviewing posts from time to time or watching for certain words.  I'll wait a little while, until I have a few more cups of coffee.....
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I have seen regular members change their names to post questions and then forget to switch user names and ends up being embarrassed.  I know they do this so that they will not be judged for certain situations.  So, it's not always an outsider seeking to intrude and disrupt, I think alot of regular members post real situations under different names... only saying this because I have seen it.  I am not referring to the man wanting to sleep with his daughter!!  That, shocks me!!  The things some people do!!  I wish there was a way to track his computer and go and ARREST that SICKO!!
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Yeah, its odd what they see and what they don't.

I've never even been to the Abuse form.  There are so many forums now!
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Maybe Medhelp thinks this forum is more interesting over here! :) We are an interesting bunch, aren't we? :P
I don't know why they deleted it either. I was just getting ready to add a comment when I saw they deleted it. The only thing I can think of is Andi and BabyHardiman had started to argue but it hadn't gotten that bad yet. I gess they wanted to nip it in the bud? I've seen other threads though where things got real ugly and there was name calling, etc. I guess they're right. They can't see everything as fast as we might like them too.
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Well, I am glad they removed his post, however, it really bothers me.  What if it's a true post?  I am a counselor and a mandatory child abuse reporter, and not being able to pick up the phone and report it really bothers me.  Yeah, the abuse forum is a good site to post for victims who struggle with a lot of pain and secrets and who are trying to get their lives back.

PS. The women's forum is the most entertaining and cute forum of all:)  I love the posts here, ladies.  It is a nice break from some of the other forums...  
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Sometimes you just got to let it out!
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Is that true about regular users changing their names?  I didn't know that.  
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I asked MedHelp to read Laura's post and determine if it should be removed.  This is just my opinion of course but I questioned Laura's judgement in posting these private messages.  I thought MedHelp should have been made aware from the outset and used the tools they have to track this girl.  There was nothing constructive (again, my opinion) being offered on this serious subject, just a bunch of bashing and speculation for a poster who may or may not be legitimate.  And yes, I have seen the girl's previous posts and am aware of her lying.  Still with a subject as serious as suicide I think it's best left to those who can help and not those who can only speculate.  
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I will PM you.
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