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avoid an arguement

when it come to you and your (spouse, boyfriend husband) having a arguement  do you
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I pray about the matter and walk away
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Can I answer, "all  of the above" at one time or another?  Ideally, I want to pray about it and walk away so as to not fuel the fire.
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I tend to like to talk it out but sometimes it results in wanting to scream and kicking his a$$.  But sometimes I have to walk away.  I guess it depends.
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I do all of these at one time or another.  If it is escalating . . .  I walk away.  But I always come back later and try to talk it out.  Same with all of them.  Eventually-----  it always comes back to trying to talk it out at some point to get to a resolution.  For me, anyway.  
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It depends on the issue.  I prefer keeping the peace but if it is an issue that I feel strongly about I will talk it out.  If he has been drinking I really try to keep the peace or walk away.  You can`t win.
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I like to walk away... then after I can think clearly, try to talk it out.
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I use all of them at one time or another.  When faced with a situation that I know can be potentially argumentative I will take him out for coffee to discuss: as public places freq create an atmosphere of calmness needed to maintain peace.
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We usually talk it out and if I'm really upset I say nothing and he'll make me talk usually by asking questions and asking what's wrong.

If we really get mad which rarely happens he'll hold me so I can't avoid him and we have to talk it out.

I always try to be pleasant so I don't talk or I avoid. But my bf always wants to make it up right away. We've never had a fight last longer than a few hours.

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Ephesians 4:26
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I am very blunt and direct when I speak pretty much all the time...I face things head on.I do not like to argue but at times it cannot be helped. We may yell at each other a bit but we always end up getting it solved and over with.....Everything cant be puppies and kittens all the time...It would be so boring....LOL
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I try to talk it out! I make him sometimes! He is the worst about walking away and not talking and that just upsets me worse I want to get it over with say my peace let him say his and come to some kind of compromise.
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I've done all of the above at one time or another - it's all situational. Generally though, with my current BF, we don't fight at all. We've both been in highly dysfunctional relationships before, and we make a point of actively try to talk about situations before it escalates into resentment, anger, or hurt feelings. Sometimes we try to fake-fight just so we can pretend we're a normal couple, and just end up laughing with each other.

Every now and again though, he starts feeling sassy. Usually this is after dealing with jerks or especially childish people all day at work. He releases this tension by picking at me and mocking me until I can't talk anymore, and finally I yell at him to go **** himself and walk away. 5 minutes later I'm back saying I'm sorry for reacting that way and he says he's sorry for pushing my buttons. Then we eat ice cream and watch House, and it's back to puppies and kittens (great wording StormyRenee, LOL).
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