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could trichomonaisis cause swollen lymph nodes & oral thrush?

I had an unprotected sexual encounter April 11 (35 days or 5 weeks ago)
I had an ab/Ag 4th generation lab blood test with negative results on April 26 (15 days post possible exposure)
Since then, I've had extremely swollen inguinal nodes (size of golf balls). These nodes have been confirmed by 3 doctors. Additionally a sore throat and lymph nodes on the back of head and neck are also visibly inflamed (doctor confirmed)
On may 5 (25 days post possible exposure) I had a rapid Alere determine Finger prick test with negative results and pelvic exam, doctor concluded I had a yeast infection, prescribed single dose of fluconazole.
Doctor prescribed a 5 day azithromycin or Z pack regimine to reduce swelling of lymph nodes
Finished last dose a few days ago, but still they have not subsided. On the last day of Azithromycin I noticed red bumps on the back of my tongue, whitish/yellow oral thrush (confirmed as thrush by dr)
On may 15, (35 days past exposure) I had another Alere determine rapid test with negative results.
Today, may 16, I went to a clinic to get another lab (versus rapid) hiv 4th generation test and am awaiting results. While at the office, doctor performed a pelvic exam and i was positive for trichomonaisis. I have read that trichomonaisis and HIV are often transmitted together, is this true? Also could trichomonaisis have possibly caused the swollen lymph nodes? (First noticed in groin?
Lastly, is trichomonaisis another indication that HIV may be present?
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