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heavy bleeding

I have not had a period since 2005, just had my second baby and nursed for a year,  had 2 c sections. I started bleeding in June of 2007, I had a normal period and then this really dark blood came out and has came out for 5 months, I have been to the doctor and they did blood work, pap, and tissue samples, and an ultrasound, every thing came back as I had PCOS, the doc put me on metforman once a day, and the ultra sound showed that the lining of my uterus was extremely thick and it would come out in clots, but this bright red blood has been going on for about a week and a half, with clots the size of quarters or half dollars, I going to get a second opinion in a few days. Please help.
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we need help here, can anyone help?
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Having a thick lining isn't serious at all.  The easiest thing you can do for yourself is after you are done having children, get the novasure procedure done where they burn the lining of your uterus (doesn't hurt), and it slows down your period and on some people it stops it completely.  
I had a very thick lining also, and I had the novasure procedure done about a year ago, but my period was still a bit heavy so I had my doc do a super cervical hysterectomy on my about 9 months ago.  I have everything but my uterus and it was the best thing I have ever done.
I carried two children and got pregnant when I wanted to so the thick lining wasn't an issue, the only problem was my period was so heavy that on the first few days of my periods I would go through super plus tampons within an hour or so, and over night I had to wear tampon and pad so I didn't ruin my bed.
The clots can make your period hurt because your cervix dialates to let the clot pass.
If you are done having children, then these are the best two options for you.  
Age isn't a matter cause I am only 29 years old, but you must be done having children before either is an option.  
Most docs won't perform these procedures unless your tubes are tied, but my doc did since my husband had a vestectomy already.
Insurance will usually except this as a nessecary procedure.
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