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losing weight

If I drink a whey protein shake for breakfast and tuna fish without bread and for dinner eat quinoia with edamme drink plenty of water everyday for 60 days how much weight you think I will lose
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Come and join us on the weightloss and dieting forum here on Medhelp.   There's some very good info on the health pages associated with it and using the food diary and weight tracker can really help you manage your loss and with the reports can tell you if you are getting enough nutrients.
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Dieting is all about balance.  You are going to basically starve the body of it's nutrients if you continue to live off tuna and other fish.  Not to mention overload on mercury.  Six small meals throughout the day are suggested but if you are going to stick with 3 meals a day, throw in 2 snacks in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner.  One of the snacks can be a protein shake.  You have to throw in some carbs or you will feel extremely drained.  For breakfast you can have a cup of oatmeal with berries and a few hours later you can have some eggwhites or a piece of fruit or a protein bar.  For lunch have a tuna salad and maybe throw in one slice of wheat toast and a snack you can have a few almonds, like a handful and for dinner if you did the fish for lunch then have some grilled chicken and a side of veggies and you can even have a snack after dinner like sugar free jello.  Another great carb that you can eat during maybe lunch time is a yam.  You want to eat modestly but healthy.  Again, balance is best for long term maintenance.
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No one can possibly answer that,  since you haven't even said what you weigh now,  but you don't have any fruits or vegetables in there at all.  

Edamame,  while it is green in color,  is a bean rather than a leafy vegetable.  It's a concern,  also,  that if you consume that much soy there are estrogen risks.

Toss in an apple,  and orange and lightly steamed greens,  and you'll do much better.

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