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mens Health?

Have any of you been to the Men;s Health Forum and seen where all the mens health problems are located in their body ,it is amazing ,all the questions are about that certain important part of their body, sorry to any guys who may be looking at the Womens social forum.
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sorry to bust into your forum, ladies. A search brought me here. Seriously, I wasn't spying...
That's a pretty special part to a guy. Having a problem with that certian part could lead to not being able to use that part, and that's a very unwelcome thought for most guys. I got ring worm down there one time and screamed like a little girl when I noticed it on the restroom at work.
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Well I guess he answered it for us. Go figure the first time you put a question like that on here and a man sees it as soon as you do.
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LOL   proved my point ,hey g27 thanks that was more infromation than I think I needed but truly I went there to see if I could help out with any problem but it was full of P..... problems,the day I looked it was every post.and I couldnt help at all.
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That is ALL they care about.....we are so much more interesting than they are!
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Honestly,  the Women's health forum is the same.  There are a couple "help me figure out who my baby's daddy might possibly be",  but the rest of the questions  are genital health questions.  

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I guess they need a Men's Social forum.
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Amen to that!
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Hey that is a good idea then we could spy on them !!What do you think g27gear
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I thought everyone was "spying" on the other side already...
It reminds me of Clint Eastwood's charactor on "Heartbreak Ridge". He would always read the ladies magazines, trying to figure out the opposing sides views...
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dont mean to be too crude but it goes back to the old saying men have two heads and we all know which one they think with the most,its not connected to their neck.
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You can't imagine how hard it is to type with it too...
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You are too hillarious , you made me have a chuckle after a 2 hour exhausting commute Thanks.
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