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more important??

what is more important to you??
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that is a hard question, Happiness is always important but at the same time it is hard to be happy when you are struggling to pay bills, or put gas in your car, everyone can say money isnt important, but when you dont have money to put food on your table it is really hard to be happy. So i voted happiness but money is right behind that.
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Id rather live in a tent and be happy than live in a mansion and be miserable. Money dont by happiness. look how messed up 1/2 of hollywood is all the addictions and so on.
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although you dont need money to be happy, it dont half help! shopping makes me happy but to go shopping i need money. but happiness is more important any day!
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I say love because how can you be happy in a relationship without love? I think love covers all the bases and issues if it's genuine.
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I voted love, it's important to me in all my relationships, esp. how I feel about myself too.
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I too voted love, because love will get you through even the hard times when you aren't happy (like during a loss, natural disaster, etc.), is more precious and can't be bought with money, and goes on even without sexual gratification (look at happily older married couples who for physical reasons can't participate in sex any more).
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I also said love because if you have love you can try and find the others together.
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I think happiness. And everything there is important to me except sex. I don't like that.
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Definitely love.  I married once with materials things...I was comfortable, but not happy.
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Easy questipn - if I could be happy without love, sex, or money then I wouldn't miss 'em, would I?
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I voted love...you need love to be happy. because if you are happy, and you don't have love then you are just a materialistic person :P
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I voted Love.  My fiance that I love to death makes me very happy and without him in my life, I wouldn't be near as happy.  So for me because I have that one and only love and I am sharing the rest of my life with... love is more important!
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Love, because with love, you can have all the other things too...even money because love motivates you!
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Love, a year ago I discovered love for the first time and it's turned my world upside down! I love Jerrad and that's all that matters to me!

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