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Juggling work, baby, and "me stuff"

Jazmine is a little over 16 months and I have been working FT since she was 2 months old.  To be honest, I do like going into work and having adult contact and I dont have too much guilt associated with working FT (I provide for my family which is important) BUT I do feel incredibly guilty about having "me" time.

For example: In a typical day I get to spend about 1h w/ Jazmine in the morning, and 3h with her in the evening before she goes to bed.   Before I got pregnant I used to work-out on a daily basis and was very fit and healthy.  16.5 months post baby, I still have baby weight to lose and feel unhappy about my figure and would really like to start going to the gym again a few times a week and also give myself a little more "me" time.  The problem with this is it would drastically cut into the little time I already have with Jazmine  makes me feel very guilty.

Hubby (who is a SAHD) has said HE is fine me taking this time for myself  but I feel like I am cheating my daughter.  Anyone else feel this way and what was/is your solution?  If I was looking at this situation from the outside I think I would say it is important to have that "me" time and something that contributes to your overall health and well-being is certainly a positive but man, I feel guilty about it.  Incidentally, I was jogging a few months ago around the roads by my house (which is far less time-consuming that driving to the gym etc.) but with the diminished day light hours thats not a good option right now.
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Hello? Hello?  

*listens to voice echoing*
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I have a 4 month old, and also work full time as well as my husband.  I was dealing with the same situation regarding excercise.  the  best solution I could come up with was a treadmill.  It's not my favortie way to work out ( I like actually going to the gym and working out with friends) but it allows me to work out, and not miss the time with Ashlynn.  I will either leave her with my husband for the 40 minutes that I run, or put her in the excersaucer or swing right near the treadmill.  It's not ideal, but it lets me still get the workout time I need.
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I also work FT (and my husband). We work opposite shifts .Things can get very rocky. You are feeling guilty for wanting time for yourself. This is a very normal feeling. I’m in the same boat. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am providing for my family and doing the right thing by taking around 30 minutes a day of “me time”. This makes me a better mom because I am more sane. I feel better, thus act better. It gives me the energy I need to play and keep up with my children.

Give yourself a pat on the back and give yourself some alone time. You have earned it sister!
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