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To TEAK especially, please assess my HIV exposure!!

I've been living with irrational fear about HIV, I've done a lot of HIV test recently, I'm worrying about a lot of things associated with HIV. I had a hemorrhoid check up. Doctor will put his finger with gloves inside me and the instrument, my worries started when I'm already my turn , someone came up in the room,  and Doctor check him first. So it's like someone enter in the room while I'm getting my *** check, I don't know what part the doctors done with the other patient, My main worries is about the GLOVES having fresh HIV blood and after the patient he came back and check my Anus and put the finger with glove inside me to check if there is hemorrhoid. My question to all of u out there especially to the HIV expert, please assess me because I'm having fear already, is that a HIV concern? Is fresh blood from the gloves can affect me inside my anus, if there is broken skin inside me???? I really appreciate your answers please, btw sorry for the grammar, I'm in hurry to post it.
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