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Hello.  I'm hoping people can offer me advice and peace of mind.  I'm 27 years old and married my wife is now at the end of her 8th month of pregnancy going into her 9th.  At some point late August or early September I made a horrible mistake of visiting a call girl.  Looking back on it I can't believe I would have thought this was anything other than a bad idea.  She performed unprotected oral on me for about a minute and we had protected intercourse.  I came rather quickly but didn't pull out right away and as I pulled out the condom slipped off a bit.  I'm fairly sure that it didn't slip off completely while inside her.  Well two to three weeks after I had a pretty bad bout of diarrhea.  Watery stools.  Soupy consistency.  I didn't think anything of it cause it went away several days later.  Not too long after that I had a short bout of diarrhea, sore throat somewhat and what seemed to feel like a golf ball/ping pong ball sized lump in the back of my throat that made it somewhat difficult to swallow.  In regards to that it could have been from smoking.  I smoke marijuana usually from bongs.  I smoked from a bong in which I didn't change the water for a day or two and figured that probably caused the throat problem.  Fast forward to November and I got diarrhea again (several times could have been from food at work because others in my office have complained of stomach aches after eating the cafeteria food)  this seemed to last about two weeks but I did nothing to treat it.  I ate everything I normally would have.  Then I went to visit my family in Philadelphia for 2 weeks (I live in the middle east) everything seemed fine.  I ended up smoking from a dirty bong again (stupid to do and I'm better with cleaning my stuff) and got what seemed like a stuffy nose and cough along with an uncomfortable but not painful swollen lymph in my neck on the right side.  Everything seemed fine but when I came back home I got diarrhea again.  Immodium and brat diet seemed to fix it but like a week and a half to two weeks later I got diarrhea again.  I'm currently having bloating gas and diarrhea and my neck has felt tight on the right side for a while.  First of all I am going crazy because when I look up diarrhea chronic or whatever on of the first things I see is HIV.  I haven't really had any other symptoms of ars.  No fever that I'm aware of, no chills or night sweats, no nausea or vomiting.  Just diarrhea that is super watery that keeps coming back and my stiff neck on the right side that I always crack.  I've read mixed answers as to diarrhea being a symptom of ars.  Can it be the only symptom?  I'm suffering from anxiety and depression because of it partially of my guilt from being a horrible husband and acting against my good nature.  I don't know what I'd do if my wife and unborn sons are infected.  I can't imagine any other explanation of my diarrhea that keeps coming back. I had a standard blood test (everything seemed fine) and a stool culture (stool was normal but was the first stool after a bout of diarrhea) and am getting a blood test for celiac and HIV.  Also am scheduling to see a gastro specialist.  If anyone can console me or offer insight as to the relationship between diarrhea and ars I would appreciate it!
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