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My unfortunate story

My parents are addicts and I basically grew up around drug abuse, fighting, and mom and dad telling on themselves about there extensive drug use to me. That was their little Game. So I started using pills booze and pot at 15. I would take 8 to 10 pills at a time and go to school like this. I got kicked out of a private school twice, fell for the wrong boy he took my virginity and got me pregnant b4 I could graduate high school. He left for the marines and is living a great life while his mother has custody of our son. I gave her custody because my drug use worsened. I started use cocaine everyday, which led to crack. Ive dated the wrong kinda guys and been addicted to just about everything from uppers downers hallucinogens and using needles. I was court ordered to rehab for 12 months a couple years ago after spending a month in the county jail. I got reborn, was one of the best things that's happened to me. Ive relapsed since then. I relapse all the time. Everyday is a struggle for me. All I have came to know is this dirty drug game. I hate it. But I'm doing better than I ever have now. I'm taking some business classes in August at home on the comp. and I plan on getting a job, sometime.
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I think that like everyone here you are just taking steps towards the recovery process which can be difficult and tentative at first. I don't think you need people to vote on this. I'm sure everyone would be supportive here but sometimes you can encounter negativity in the outside world and developing a sense of self is part of recovery. Self empowerment has always been one goal for me though I know each person defines it differently. I haven't been through that specific aspect of recovery but I have relatives who have and I know that its not an easy process.
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Thanks, I didn't mean to make a "poll" though. I am still getting the hang of Med help. Self Empowerment does hardly nothing for me. I am still learning to Love myself. I thrive on spiritual guidance. This has been the most effective step in my recovery. Thanks again for your reply :)

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