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Zika Exposure

I went to the Dominican Republic from June 12-15 to Punta Cana.

Pretty much stayed in the resort the whole time-beach/pool during the day and at night usually inside having dinner (windows open) and watch little shows they had in their theater (open space with no windows) at night. I did get a lot of mosquito bites, however, no symptoms at all of Zika. My friend also got a lot of bites with no symptoms of Zika.

I came back to the United States and had my period (from June 19-23). I am believe to have conceived with my boyfriend on July 3rd.

At my first prenatal appointment I mentioned my trip and that I was bit by mosquitos. The nurse I saw was a little concerned and then reassured me that I was most likely fine since it had been 2 weeks after that I conceived.

Ever since then, no mention of Zika has been mentioned until my doctor called me last night at 9pm saying she had not realized I had been exposed and basically she is pretty much convinced that I might have got it. I have not taken any tests, and now that I am 16 weeks preg I was told that the blood test they do to confirm Zika is no longer effective on me because it stops past 12 weeks.

They said from this point they will just monitor me via ultrasound and my next appointment is in 2 weeks.

I am literally freaking out and can't stop crying and couldn't sleep last night.

My doctor said that I have 2 options which would be keep going or to end the pregnancy...... it has not even been confirmed that I have this virus!!!! I am literally freaking and need any type of advice.

I spoke with another nurse today and she said just to stay calm and I'm probly fine. The doctor did not sound too reassuring whatsoever.

What are your thoughts???
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I'm 29wks pregnant and I live in Miami. Took the zika test and I was horrified. I couldn't stay a prisoner in my own home. Got my results last week and they came back negative. You have to stay in prayer and live your life ☺
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